War !! ??

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  • So whats going on out there in the big wide uni of Taurus.
    From my end I feel there is a war coming, yup and old school war. I have been targeted by the GOSU alliance...dont know why, just dont like my smile maybe :)

    As they started this, I felt it fair to retaliate a little so I wiped out 3 of "old schools planets and the 11 to 14k sates he had on each planet....nice crystal hall from that I must say.

    So now that the tables have turned they have had to ask for help from the big boyz, Goldbar, HQL, etc...Ive evn noticed nike and sps are starting to help them.

    Is this the start of a mass uni war with millions of IPM flying around?? (does make for easy raiding)

    What does everyone else out there think??
  • I just don't bother to write the same thing again, so I will just post what I sent to this guy


    Didn't expect you to contact me this early. Hi there, Boogeyman.

    As your current game id admits, our view is that you are a symbol of injustice in this game. You have been pushed a lot of resource, if not those pushers are your multi accounts. You will of course deny, but nonetheless we have seen far too many suspicious behaviors that reinforced our conjecture that you are being pushed heavily. Our goal is to punish a player like you, and resurrect justice in this game, as GO's don't bother to do their work these days.

    For sure, your words will not have much value to us. The only way that you can convince us about your innocence is to request GO to disclose the entire fleet records to us, and make sure that you don't have any contact, either direct or indirect, with killzone. Unless you are ready for that, our current objective is to keep attacking you until you give up playing this unfairly pushed account.

    By the way, it was actually you who "triggered" all this hostility, by attacking KRP, remember? Even without that trigger we would have been planning for some actions like this on you at some point. But that made us do something a bit earlier than our plan.

    I am still eager to listen to any excuses that you are ready to offer, so please help yourself.


    My point is that we have good reasons to target Boogeyman, as he is different from other law-abiding players. I will let other players decide whether this guy is truly innocent or not. We can offer many anecdotal evidence of heavy pushing, that cannot be anything other than pushing under normal circumstances.

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  • HI all, I have sent my reply to SPS and for all you out there that know me....you know this to be false

    Killzone is gone...not of my doing

    Im being accused of using crazy2 account to push mine......ridiculous !!
    Im hoping he will see this and post

    Also now being told im pushing with flalocks account. he is a friend since high school and uni 1, I asked him to help me nuke "old school"

    We would all be done for pushing every time we asked a player to help with an IPM attack lol
  • Wow. It looks you gain Confidence from crash my sats.

    I understand you don't ashmed by cheat. so I gain more confidence for all I do.

    my sats?

    If I want to make pro/loss table without justice, I would do push like you.

    but I'm not.

    It's ok my sats crashed.

    the point is your sats crashed. And all your sats will be crashed.

    //to taurus players:

    Please note that we don't want war with all taurus player. just we want justice back.

    We know boogyman have lots of teammate now (We can guess from scout pattern, etc.)

    We can respect your gamming If you aren't cheater.

    If we nucked you, that means we thought you're boogyman's mate. If that is incorrect, please let us know.

    Ogame.org uni zagadra NO.1 (2014.6-2016.3)

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  • i wont choose a side and wont participate in this war,

    however as you (red 2141 / old school) also blamed me in previous zagadra uni for something that you have no evidence and made your ally mates follow that nonsense, there is no way that i may trust your words,

    if GOs reading this thread, they should clear things up whether there is a cheating or not,

    otherwise this guy is just innocent for me
  • So... you're targeting Boogey on just assumptions? You ask Boogey to present proof that he is not guilty of pushing, yet you guys don't present YOUR proof of your accusations.

    I am Boogey's friend and he has requested me for help in this vendetta of yours. Now, I don't wish to enclose myself in a war of any kind with any of you, but seems contradictory that you accuse of something that you're not presenting proof of.

    I'd like to see the evidence you guys have about this.
  • I dont really understand this....I thought his fleet was hit??

    I got a hit on him but was a cargo slap....and that was after he had attacked me. As its stand now I have 1.5 billion res on my moon. I can spend this at any time and raise the bar....true??

    I can tell you right now.......I DID NOT CRASH HIS FLEET.
  • Hahahahaha
    So you are saying you where attacking killzone and I saw that and attacked him instead ??

    So to me that sounds like you scrapped his fleet and I beat you to the punch lol

    So your the one pushing but you failed.

    Like I said . I did get a hit on him and he adussed me for it.......saying I stole his astro tech lvl 22 or 23....something like that.

    GOs can look that kind of thing up can they ??
  • We attacked him after 1.your attack 2.killzone's scrap 3.your fleet move

    than killzone acts he attacked by us

    don't get timeline?

    of course, you know 100% timeline.

    our interested of that things make you push hurry.

    Ogame.org uni zagadra NO.1 (2014.6-2016.3)
  • A lot of accusations and the thread will be closed soon
    Create a ticket if your really bothered or start a war

    I also believe scrapping can be completely legal if done in the correct way
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  • Although some of us think it is, I wouldn't say that that is the most convincing evidence. I wouldn't have shown that graph because that may have been simply a coincidence.

    First of all, whoever that hasn't taken a look, please go and see 8:273. flalock has just moved into this system, and there were 2 planets by Killzone and 2 by Boogeyman for a long time. (I'm not going to say anything about flalock) Killzone used to send all his res from planets spread over many different galaxies to 8:273. Killzone is ranked somewhere around 200 (I remember ~160 before his pushing), Boogeyman is at around 10. Boogeyman is saying that Killzone attacked him in 8g and made him angry. To begin with, is this something that happens naturally in this game, 200 ranked player attacking top 10 player? And it was not just once or twice. Killzone kept sending all his res to 8g regularly, to the planet named "dropzone" (quite appropriate naming, huh?). If I were Killzone and I wanted to seriously fight with Boogeyman, I would have gathered the res at the farthest location from Boogeyman. Especially considering that Killzone was not one of the most active players.

    One day, I noticed that Killzone had huge drop in points, like ~8M. As someone mentioned above, while Killzone's military point destroyed fell by that much, no one had any similar increase in military points destroyed. There cannot be any better guess than that Killzone simply scrapped his fleet/defense, although we cannot prove that it went to Boogeyman. This kind of occasions took place at least twice.

    Shortly after this drop in points, I probed Killzone's "dropzone". He had huge (like several Bn, roughly similar to the increase in the military point lost) amount of res sitting there, and some 400k rocket launchers were all that was defending it - obviously, everything other than rl have been already scrapped. I wanted to get it, but I didn't have fast fleet. Nobody on my side has planets beyond 6 gal. So we could do nothing but just sit down and watch Boogeyman take over the entire res with ease. I reported to GO at that time to investigate any fleet contacts between Boogeyman and Killzone, but it was of no use. Even if anyone sent fleet to grab the res, which would take 3+ hours and require quite a large fuel expense to get through all the rl, I bet Boogeyman was scanning this planet to take the res before anyone else would do, or maybe try to ninja if Killzone was his buddy. Knowing this, stealing the res was very risky and difficult for anyone other than Boogeyman, and of course he did it this way because he knew he can get it for sure. When I checked the next day, the entire chunk of res was gone. It must have been pretty easy as rocket was the highest-quality defense ever defending that res, and even easier because Killzone was a bandit, so one single attack would have been enough.

    Why would Killzone send all his res to 8:273? Why would he scrap all his fleet and leave the huge chunk of res at 8:273? Why did all of this have to take place at 8:273? Any good explanation of this except for pushing purposes? Please don't say that Killzone was just too crazy to understand the game or that he was so altruistic to Boogeyman with whom he had no relationship at all.

    p.s. As someone said above, scrapping can be completely legal if done in the correct way. Maybe this was completely legal too, especially if it has been lying around for at least some time. Pushing is almost completely legal these days anyway. (I also heard of what happened in Izar) That's why we ourselves felt that we should bring back the justice in a "perfectly" legal way, absolutely not comparable to pushing some 15M+ points. It is so frustrating that a player gains 15M+ points for free while the rest undergo a huge pain in the ass running full slots of farming (i)'s all day long.

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  • spsk wrote:

    p.s. as someone said above, scrapping can be completely legal if done in the correct way. Maybe this was completely legal too, especially if it has been lying around for at least some time. Pushing is almost completely legal these days anyway. (I also heard of what happened in Izar) That's why we ourselves felt that we should bring back the justice in a legal way, much much more legal than pushing some 15M+ points. It is so frustrating that a player gains 15M+ points for free while the rest undergo a huge pain in the ass attacking full slots of farming (i)'s all day long.

    Ummmm 15 million points....ok, so dont know whats about , are you trying to say I made 15 million points off killzone??......ehhhhh wrong !!!

    When I took over this account, Taur had lvl 20 amour tech researching, and just about enough to do amour 21, it was all spread out over all planets. also he had 1.8 billion deut.
    It took me days to pull it all together. You are good with graphs, why dont you look up the graph thats shows me going to the merchant and selling a crap load of deut to get mt astro tech up....did you ever look at that ??

    NO you didnt you just assumed I stole it from another account!!

    Ask around, my alliance would of read messages of me talking about how I was saving for this and raiding hard out. I have friends in this uni that would back me on that too.

    Try doing some research to find me innocent rather than guilty !!
  • You are intentionally trying to avoid my point. I'm not talking about your justly earned resources. I'm only talking about the part of the resource that seems to be unjustly earned. Why would have Killzone done such a crazy thing if he didn't have any intention of pushing?

    As everyone knows, there cannot be direct proof of anything, except for yourself and possibly some guys from gameforge who might have all the data. But to whoever that has witnessed this strange behavior, he cannot resist suspecting that there is something sneaky going on. Why the hell would Killzone have left all the resource in 8:273?

    Let me ask you one thing. Did you or did you not take the several billions of resources left on 8:273?
  • I see more and more players that dont know what they talking about.

    Even in these days, scraping and trading the right way, is still by the rules, and even more if you have a staff on your side(as a friend or benefit-er) he will teach you how to do it

    I say the above, because i did too scraped fleets, after my enemys started to buy rank 1 and rank 2 total pints accounts and then rank 5 in fleet, and much more other account, and i was pushed to that, but in the last time in uni44, when i talked to some GA's they "Advised" me not to scrap anymore because "its ban able", and not 1 month later my enemys did 2 big scraps, and i found out from one of them who changed sides to me and my friends, that they had a GA in their skype group, who teached them how to do it properly.

    So if you "punish" people for "push scraping" then by the same thinking and morale you should "punish" players that use merchant and that buy/sell accounts.

    P.S. like i said scraping and trading it by the rules is by the rules like merchant is. Buying/selling accounts isnt by the rules. Its very easy.

    P.S.2 and from what i see in here, the big problem isnt that boogey did the push, the big problem is that he beat someone to that planet

    Great King Pat wrote:

    For the record, no such scrap push hits have ever happened in ASSASSIN NOR would they be tolerated as long as i am leader. Everyone over here cares enough about the game to know right from wrong on this issue.

    Uni 1 will be like a prison & Urza will be the big black guy that wants to bum u in da ass. Avoid at all costs. ;)
  • Im not trying to avoid anything buddy, I dont know what the hell killzone was doing, and to be honest I dont really care, for all I know he was planning a push for someone and I come out on top, maybe it was another account push by jack, Like I said I really dont know and dont really care. yes I managed to get a good hall or res off him but werent you trying to do the same? , if you had of got it should I have started nuking you and screaming CHEATER!!

    There is alot of watching and planning /time spent in this game, ask anyone, Im very active, always probing/hunting looking for a good yummy hit. found one and took it :-)