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    • So, yesterday someone(ex-boa/actual boa in other uni) did a new top 5 or even new no.1 on smallmeat, and didnt post?

      Nothing there? no usual boring stuff? hmmm ...

      I wonder how long it would take the staff(some of them my bellowed "friends") if i get out of my ally and start hof my ex alliance.

      What did this game became.

      Great King Pat wrote:

      For the record, no such scrap push hits have ever happened in ASSASSIN NOR would they be tolerated as long as i am leader. Everyone over here cares enough about the game to know right from wrong on this issue.

      Uni 1 will be like a prison & Urza will be the big black guy that wants to bum u in da ass. Avoid at all costs. ;)
    • You are really an absolute idiot as usual..

      See below before you start running you coward mouth.

      unfortunately i wasnt available to defend that attack. and its up to attacker to post it or not.

      Stop being a big idiot...

      Hofs : : 5264

      advanced : 2146
      Rip kill : 7305
      War Top 10: 35
      Top 10 : 117
      New number 1 : 19