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    • Driverless cars

      So what's everybody's opinion on self-driving cars? I know most people are against them, is there anyone here who would prefer to be driven by their car?
    • Well if it gets all tested and is safe, than I would be happy about it.
      Would rather spend my time reading a book, even though I pretty much like to drive.
      But I would like to have an option to just sit back and be transported just like that.
    • it aint all sunshine and rainbows

      it sounds cool..if/when it gets fully tested and ppl get to use it
      less car crashes and all..that part is awesome
      but on the other will cost a lot of ppl their jobs

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    • Seeing as how I am forced to rely on others for transportation to anything that isn't within walking distance, a self driving car would give me some degree of independence.

      As with any technology, there is a teething period that sees these vehicles doing things they shouldn't do. I think this is what has most people worried.
    • Going by the reliability of modern cars and cans. I dont think they will be any good.

      My works van is on a 65 plate and it has already broken down twice.
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    • I think after proper testing and refinements they can be a good thing for older people who dont drive but still can take care of them selves.
      as a way for them to get around safely.
      and having to go in for foot work tomorrow i can say i would use one for that to drive me home after that . and monday as well
      since i dont have a large network of people here that would drive me. back home from my appointments.

      But for now i say no to the self driving care as they are not as safe as they can be yet or reliable as they can be yet.

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    • As much as the auto industry hates to change they will change, slowly. Ford announced late last year or earlier this year that they were going to make bicycles.
      But as far as autonomous cars itll be a long time before we can have an AI predict the unpredictable like snow, ice, deer... angry x's. The only real job loss that might happen will be in collision shops. My prediction is that collision shops and mechanic shops will sort of merge. So when you get hail damage, fallen tree, that angry x who spray paints and keys you car you can still get that damage fixed some where.
      I see articles all the time that talk about how driver less cars will put part stores out of work. How? Autonomous cars still have tires, suspension, brakes. It may have an electric engine in the future but even those have moving parts that will wear down or break.

      Besides most experts predict that itll be 2035 before driver less cars are sold in the mass market. and since people hold on to their cars for about 11 years it may be 2046 before that change is actually felt by the collision industry.

      *wow. I had typed AI backwards.
      Oh and Swamphermet, that sounds amazing! I couldn't have imagined you having one so big, and especially in your garden.

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    • i would love to be driven be one,i like all futuristic stuff,crazy about it,but then i cannot think that they will be safe and not because their softweare or ai isnt smart enough to predict diff things,im more concerned about the hacking part,if you guys saw the last fast and furious you see there what im talking about,i know its just a movie but sometime in the future it can become reality its not too far off if you think about mostly pro than against...
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