Shame on you GF

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    • Shame on you GF

      I wish to thank GF for lettin me down and this time for good.At the end of june I?ve put my U1 account into vmode yogui (Frst) and told my buddies that I'll be back in september when the summer finishes cause I never play this game during summer period.So yesterday I went back to find out that my account was no longer here,I guess GF deleted it as I didn't have DM on it though I'm not so sure about that cause I think that I actually had somethin on it like 200 DM.Thank you very much GF for finally showing me that you care more about DEDICATED customers rather than DEDICATED players.Heck,I started playing this game back in 2006. and got an account here in U1 from one guy back in 2009. and since then been playing here.And now after 7 freaking yrs i came back from vacation to see that you deleted my account,7yrs went to dust.I can't tell how I feel right now,I feel gutted,sad and angry. Yogui is out!
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    • That realy sucks ! but this is not new , GF do what they want , when they want :complaingrumble:
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    • Thx ppl,I won't be sending any tickets to them at all as it was said earlier in the post I actually never heard of that anyone got their account restored after deletion,the heck...When my account was hacked few yrs ago i had to BEG them for restoration to previous state,won't be begging anymore...
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    • Hello Hidalgo,

      Account will be deleted:
      • in 2 days if nothing is built and no purchased Dark Matter
      • in 5 days if you don't have at least 1 point (deleted in the 6th day at 3am server time)
      • in 36 days if you didn't log in regardless of points and vacation mode. Only bought Dark Matter can prevent it.
      • in 35 days if you didn't log in after your Commander expired

      It was always like that, so you should have been aware of it.
      Accounts won't be restored, since if it had DM it would not be deleted. There were cases like this in past, where accounts were recovered and none of those had DM, so no, OGame deletion system don't make mistake.

      There is not reason to blame GameForge because your account was deleted by system. Account deletion times are public, you should have taken care of your account. :)

    • all you had to do was go to "purchase Dark matter" then Earn dark matter. do one of the offers to get any amount of Dm. that puts purchased darkmatter on your account. then you can vmode it as long as you want. so long as theres not a merger that closes your universe the account will stay. you need to keep track though because purchased dm is spent first when you use dm Then the found dm is used. so anytime you know youll be gone for awhile you want to put your curser over your dm amount to make sure you have purchased dm on your account.

      P.S. i would create a new email (yahoo email is free to start) and use it for the surveys because it will spam your email once you take surveys

      also i know a few accounts that were restored after being deleted. I'm not sure what the circumstances were that they were able to get them restored. It would for sure be worth it to open a ticket and ask. also if i may ask what were your points on the account? If you go to the account search forum and open a thread stating your looking for an account you may get a nice one from somebody. Its very hard to find goodd players for accounts once they come open. so you may have good luck finding an account since your experienced. I cant remember where its at but somewhere gameforge makes it clear accounts are deleted after 30 days of inactivity on it without dm. you should review all the rules, help links, and terms of conditions to make yourself aware of all the important information like that.
      @ shole your welcome. i know u forgot to mention about earning dm.
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