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  • General instructions for troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Tutorial

    • This guide is first thing to look at for general assistance:
      - Login problems, buttons not working, display problems.
      - Overviews not appearing ( events, sensor phalanx, techtree, messages, alliance, ... ).
      - Pages not loading, not loading properly or loading extremly slow.
    • Please follow these instructions step by step and then follow green or red step depending on the success.

    • Step 0:

      1. Press the key combination Ctrl + F5 on the affected site.
        - This will force every browser to reload only the current page.

    • Step 1 - If the problem is resolved:

      1. Have fun and: "Ctrl F5 fixes many browserproblems"

    • Step 2 - If the problem persists:

      1. If pages are not loading or loading extremly slow:
        - Please check out, if other sites are accessible.
        - Please check out, whether the startpage or your universe is accessible from your computer: << How to ping a server >>
        - Please check out the connection or the connection quality, especially for WLAN: << DSL Speedtest >>
      2. If the problem still exists, please go to Step 9.

    • Step 4 - If the problem persists:

      1. Restart your computer because of:
        - This will delete various buffers in the operating system.
        - Sometimes, the browser is not terminated properly - restarting can fix the problem.

    • Step 5 - If the problem is resolved:

      1. Update addons and activate them sequentially.
        - Addons and skins are only available in support: << Tolerated Tools, Addons and Scripts >>, please look there into the relevant thread.

    • Step 6 - If the problem persists:

      1. Please test a different browser on your computer.
        - Internet Explorer (not older than 11) / FireFox / Chrome / Opera / Safari.

    • Step 7 - If the problem persists:

      1. Please install a new browser from the list above on your computer and test it again.
        - Chrome and Opera are recommended, especially for slow presentation speed.

    • Step 8 - If the problem is resolved:

      1. Problem with FireFox:
        - Refresh Firefox. Tutorial here:…eset-add-ons-and-settings
        - Please uninstall all addons completely (uninstalling plugins is not necessary) an install them again.
      2. Problem with Internet Explorer:
        - Please update it to Internet Explorer 11 or a newer Browser!
      3. Problem with Chrome:
        - Please uninstall it and install it again.
      4. Problem with Opera:
        - Please uninstall it and install it again.
      5. Generally:
        - Please use the browser that works best with Ogame.

    • Step 9 - If the problem persists:

      1. If you installed a desktop firewall or Internet Security Suite:
        - Disable this firewall for testing.
        - Deactivate the virus scanner for testing purposes.
        - Disable avaliable popup blocker, child protection filters and similar functions.

    • Step 10 - If the problem is resolved:

      1. Please only leave the Windows firewall enabled.
      2. Configure the programs above correctly, so OGame runs smoothly.

    • Step 11 - If the problem persists:

      1. Shut down all computer connected to the router ( Even those over WLAN ).
      2. Shut down router, modem and switch for about 30sec. Some have a powerswitch, otherwise pull out the power cable.
      3. Turn on the computer.

    • Step 12 - If the problem is resolved:

      1. Please check whether there are programs that may open simultaneously running on your computer.

    • Step 13 - If the problem persists:

      1. Please ask your friend to test your account for you.
        - At best, he should use another Internet provider.
        - Make sure to notify a Game Operator before doing this.

    • Step 14 - If the problem persists:

      1. Please visit Ogame Support Team for further help:
        - First way to do that is via IRC in support channel - please join and wait for available supporter to come and help you.
        - Via the Ticket System here:

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