2016 Winter logo contest

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    • 2016 Winter logo contest

      Dear Players,

      End of the year is very close and new year is getting closer with great promise.
      Help us make our board celebrate this event: We invite you to create a new logo for our forum.

      The Winter season Logo contest:

      Make a new logo based on OGame logo

      By participating, you grant Gameforge the right to use your work
      Your work must be original and do not use copyright material
      The above-mentioned OGame logo must be used as a basis
      The format of the logo (dimensions and file format) should not be changed
      Do not add signatures to the logo (eg your name)
      Pay attention to transparency (the logo must fit seamlessly into the standard forum design)
      Image elements should not exceed (cut off)
      Apart from that, your imagination is free, and we look forward to as many creative works as possible, which do not necessarily have to be limited to the classical interpretation.
      Minimum entries accepted are 10. If less participation, the contest is canceled and no prizes will be given.
      One entry for every player, you can change the logo until the submission deadline

      The winners will be designated by your votes


      1st place: 2x10 Euro

      2nd place: 10 Euro

      3rd place: 3 Euro

      For users that are using the retro style of the board we also need a nice logo based on the original image:

      The prize will be 2x10 Euro for the first place

      Last entry to the competition will be accepted at December 12th, no later than 23.59 hours

      Vote will last until December 16th at 10.00 hours

      You can discuss the contest here

      You can post your entries here (please note that only hosted images with https : // ... are working)