Biggest Buildings and Techs of Universe 1 - Post Merger

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  • Biggest Buildings and Techs of Universe 1 - Post Merger

    Building Level Player(s)
    Metal Mine 40 Skaare
    Crystal Mine 33 Skaare
    Deuterium Synthesizer 35 Skaare
    Solar Plant 33 Skaare, Captain Fizz
    Fusion Reactor 19 Skaare
    Robotics Factory 16 Magneto
    Nanite Factory 8 Magneto
    Shipyard 16 Magneto
    Metal Storage 17 Magneto
    Crystal Storage 16 Magneto
    Deuterium Tank 14 2good4u
    Research Lab 18 2good4u
    Terraformer 9 Lynbo
    Rocket Silo 9 2good4u
    Alliance Depot 1 Captain Fizz
    Lunar Buildings Level Player(s)
    Robotic Factory (on a moon) # name
    Shipyard (on a moon) 10 Cox
    Lunar Base 8 Captain Fizz
    Sensor Phalanx 10 Burebista
    Jump Gate 5 LOLbunny
    Alliance Depot # name
    Metal Storage # name
    Crystal Storage # name
    Deuterium Tank # name

    Research Level Player(s)
    Espionage Technology 18 Captain Fizz
    Computer Technology 18 Armakuni
    Weapons Technology 20 Magneto
    Shielding Technology 20 Magneto
    Armor Technology 20 Magneto
    Energy Technology 19 Skaare
    Hyperspace Technology 15 Armakuni
    Combustion Drive 18 Armakuni, Captain Fizz
    Impulse Drive 16 Captain Fizz
    Hyperspace Drive 13 Armakuni
    Laser Technology 20 Armakuni
    Ion Technology 18 Armakuni
    Plasma Technology 16 Armakuni
    Intergalactic Research Network 10 Magneto
    Astrophysics 20 Dean
    Graviton Technology 3 Armakuni
  • Guidelines:

    Send a PM to a GMod/Smod to get your name on the list. Your PM must include:

    -What record you are claiming
    -Your In-game playername and homeworld co-ordinates
    -The co-ordinates of the planet containing the new record (exception for Research)
    -A screenshot of the record
    If your Ingame and Board Names are different, then please confirm which one you would like used in the record.

    All of the coordinate information you provide will be kept confidential. A GO will be asked to verify your claim.

    Submitting fake reports or joke claims (e.g, I have level 1 metal) wastes Moderator and GO time and will result in a warning

    Reporting Violations:
    If you have proof that some information is incorrect then please contact the section Moderator and ask them to investigate. They will contact a GO if necessary to seek verification.
  • And so it begins.... added a few to get things started. Congrats to those who were the first in the records.... I know people can beat some of those easily.

    List edited 22/4/12 -FF