Spacing Between Planets

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    • Spacing Between Planets

      Hi everyone.

      What is a good way to determine how close or far away you should colonize your planets to/ from one another?
    • if u are planning to play as a fleeter then u should go all across the first galaxy, like every 100 ss, one planet, u should maybe go in g2, g3, but late in game only first galaxy will be active. More then 80% activity will be there :D
      EDIT: that way u can be all over the first galaxy, and with jump gates, ur fleet can be anywhere :missilelauncher:

      And, since u are going for the fleet, i would put two planets next to each other, so u can fs on deploy there, like a base for ur fleet :D

      if u are not planning to play as a fleeter, then u should go all in 2 solar sistems, next to each other, or maybe one in one galaxy, one sistem in some other :) that is best for mining :D