Top 10--MikeGrinder [Fleet] vs. Sanka [TBH] ~(TD: 1.34G)

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    • Top 10--MikeGrinder [Fleet] vs. Sanka [TBH] ~(TD: 1.34G)

      Greetings Oberon,

      It's me again, I hope this is better than my previous one... TBH, we're coming for you.

      Dedicated to TelocontaR for letting me play the account, thanks mate :love:

      On 15-01-2017 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker MikeGrinder [Fleet]

      Destroyer 986
      Battleship 8.000
      Battlecruiser 7.794
      Cruiser 15.000
      Light Fighter 120.000
      Espionage Probe 1


      Defender Sanka [TBH]

      Small Cargo 6.075
      Large Cargo 3.054
      Light Fighter 27.631
      Heavy Fighter 33
      Cruiser 6.676
      Battleship 1.927
      Colony Ship 1
      Recycler 11.577
      Espionage Probe 3.934
      Bomber 143
      Destroyer 476
      Deathstar 9
      Battlecruiser 2.899


      After the battle ...

      Attacker MikeGrinder [Fleet]

      Destroyer 964 ( -22 )
      Battleship 7.807 ( -193 )
      Battlecruiser 7.612 ( -182 )
      Cruiser 14.074 ( -926 )
      Light Fighter 75.647 ( -44.353 )
      Espionage Probe 1 ( -0 )


      Defender Sanka [TBH]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      19.778.431 Metal, 5.588.486 Crystal and 9.022.133 Deuterium
      4.983.404 Metal, 931.414 Crystal and 1.503.689 Deuterium
      2.491.702 Metal, 465.707 Crystal and 751.844 Deuterium
      1.245.851 Metal, 232.854 Crystal and 375.922 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 234.066.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of units.
      At these space coordinates now float 549.012.800 metal and 314.114.500 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 47.371.437 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
      The attacker(s) captured the debris.

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 410.468.188
      Crystal: 259.222.961
      Deuterium: 6.741.588
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 676.432.737 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -645.759.388
      Crystal: -393.843.461
      Deuterium: -109.939.588
      The defender(s) lost a total of 1.149.542.437 units.


      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

      Arhangelo/Saw: u are too dangerous.. even while moon shoting

      Flops of the Century:

      RinTinuNinu Poor 20.543.567 -75.388.042
      Karma Closed 15.952.274 -61.024.373
      Venku Ordo Closed 36.238.268 -17.684.415
    • Congrats on the hit mate.

      I've been idling alot today due to some personal reasons.

      I have give my account up so this is basically a goodbye hit.

      Its been good playing in this Uni although its a shame it got a bit stale.

      FLEET you're doing some serious shit lately.

      Thanks to my alliance and past alliances, BLoKuP, EGGS, ROU and finally TBH.

    • Ah, I guess a little bit of dedication goes to me as well, since it was my account when TelcontaR got it. Good to see the account is in good hands, with the #1 and #2 solo hit on it. Keep them crashing :)
    • I must say I'm glad to see Jobe / Sanka down because I grew tired of him trying to lure people on hes moon while deleting he's planet and colonizing it all over again to hide the activity.
      Nice work Mike!
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