Top 02 - [TOT: 728.496.199.000] W4R_MaChINE [RlO] & Little WM [RlO] vs. Kaldor [Unity] (A: 265.258.819.000, D: 463.237.380.000)

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    • A lot of pushing accusations going on here....I wish someone would pull me :D ....
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      Long live Universe 17!!

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    • Huge hit done there gj from me,i like seeing big booms like this one
      plus its a revenge hit,and revenge is sweet but yeah there is no actual profit but i still like it :thumbsup:
      kaldor is back n1,jumping something like 330m points which is almost double from the 340m he was but yeah what can i say about it,anyway gg attackers and fr,it needed guts to fly way more than the hit on warmachine almost a year ago but thats my view,kaldor nothing personal against u but no need to say fr ,right?
      btw umakhelwane isn't that spamming?but u are a mod in a team full of power so probably nobody is gonna tell u anything..
      oh,so isnt that top2 worldwide or what?any info on that?

      Notice given - Kamil

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    • :censored:
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      What is irony:
      When in a game where you can build planets and moons in faraway galaxies and where you can get attacked by space pirates, you get warned for going off subject on their forum!

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      Even with wreck field and captured debris, I'm pretty sure that is not a particularly desirable outcome.

      There seems to be an automatic assumption that Kaldor has 33% wreck field. 33% is space dock 11. I am sure there is a decent chance he has that, but just saying --33% is higher than most (which would make complete sense given the size of the account, but anyway...).
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    • herr gonzo wrote:

      rank 1 with half(if....) of the fast fleet he had

      worth it?:S :P
      Uhm, you're confusing something, Kaldor is not the one who decided to suicide his fleet into WM and Little WM, it was the other way around.
      WM with half of the fast fleet he had, and Kaldor still rank 1, worth it?

      That's the question you gotta ask gonzo
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    • nice hit , the big question at the end of the was , if tirnoch would brown nose his way to get kaldor to push hi with the rest of his fleet....... we all now you were thinking it.

      any way after the years of complaining about DM abuse from RIO and WM (cashmachine) :p to be back to number 1 already must of cost a bit of dm to be done.....

      unlucky about taking the full fleet , a bit of trust from WM and it would of been done. any way congrats on the hit .

      fr to all
    • Gratz for the battle you made both sides it's interesting uni to be followed because of the numbers going on in hits and ships involved.

      About Attackers well done job but as WM said there are many factors to be considered and one of it fail so Tirnoch was able to take most of the DF what you've done when Unity hit you as everyone know you suck half of your DF this happened in this fight here as well .
      Attacker advantages just numbers of ships in debris and #N2 WW if I am not wrong.

      Defender as we know Kaldor is on his own planed covered by Tirnoch so 150bn DF is bunch of resources easy can be transferred into 100-120bn Fleet + wreckage .Advantage of Kaldor is facing now will get around 35% of his fleet so this will be many ships back into use also at draw he doesn't lost any of stored resources on his moon .

      Summary looks like Kaldor will be back in few days, but WM and LWM has long way to rebuild.

      P.S. FR both sides nice hit !

    • It took 3 universes worth of fleet and the founding of Unity to take down WM, and still he manages to send a message.
      So long as he is willing to bite off his hand to get to his enemies heads, there is still some Ogame spirit left in Quantum.