Top 02 - [TOT: 728.496.199.000] W4R_MaChINE [RlO] & Little WM [RlO] vs. Kaldor [Unity] (A: 265.258.819.000, D: 463.237.380.000)

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    • I wanted to post just 1 or 2 small things here.. as of course this used to be my fleet / account.

      1. I am not really interested in what happened with profit, let's put that aside. The hit makes sense to me if only for revenge. I would have wanted the same. Can't say anything other than well done to attackers for catching Kaldor sleeping. Huge damage hit. I don't consider it as 'sexy' as when we hit you, War, as that one actually involved a bit of planning regarding the when and the how - here he just sat like any muppet that falls asleep at the wheel. The end result earns you the #2 spot, which sounds about right to me ;)

      2. I think I warned you and Tirnoch, Kaldor, that if you stay out of VM long enough to try and keep daily production, eventually you will be hit. No one can stay at PC 24/7, and fleets like this are too expensive to FS. With the reshuffle of accounts after we hit War, it was clear he wasn't going anywhere and wanted to strike back. The option is either VM or take risks, I'm afraid. Even with FSing, eventually you lose your moons and lose the fleet.

      I know its hard with them moving the VM rules to 48 hours. To me its another nail in the coffin of OGame, as it makes it harder for accounts like this to be played, or for players that can't commit to regular daily play to keep going.

      3. Retirement is so much better. It is nice not to have to think about when these ships are returning and so on... I know that if I kept playing, you would see me hit in this thread instead of Kaldor, as for me I couldn't keep going with the game even IF real life didn't get in the way (which, writing this at 4am after a 12 hour shift, it clearly has). I had burnt out with OGame. Maybe OGame is burning itself out too...nails in coffins and all that ;)

      Anyway grats again to attackers. I couldn't reply without including some sort of 'well ok but I did it better', but all in all this is a perfectly decent hit regardless of what anyone else says, and I would have done the same time after time.
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    • Daymn, always a GREAT sight to see when top fleets fly, especially if its between them :)
      Old saying *** If it Sit it get Hit *** made this happen and was just a time when ppl will get tooooooo tired of this game and all the unnecessary changes it has .. That Wreckage Field was the cherry on top i think...
      So, congratz Attckrs, I know about WMs stubbornness for some years now but he always kept his word and found ways to do big changes in the x5 Uni :) ..
      Also I know Kal for like..since his beginnings in UNI35 and was with him when we moved to Quantum, know the endless nights, days, and managing a HUGE alliance as once was..
      What else to say, I am Vmoded for almost 9months.. still checking here , still logging on the acc just so it doesnt go Idle.. but somehow, i dont see that sparkle anymore..

      Hope to see some action once again, but highly highly doubt it :(

      To BE or Not To BE, all screw up sometimes...
    • Bibas wrote:


      Thank you for proving me right

      "let me close the hof, to read and warn only the players, that my friends are in war with", and staff that where here to cheer and spammed did not get any warns, i am sure they where "noted".

      Welcome back Kamil, i wondered why did you left especially now when all your friends are in very high positions, and "rule" these boards with no remorse, also i wonder when florence will be back, as a BA or as a GA maybe, who knows. B0MBHE4D, Thundersheep, and few others. I never thought i would say this, but i miss JUMANJI, ESPIRO AND EVEN PACI.

      Have fun, you and your clique, ruining what ever remained of this amazing game at one point.

      Like i said before, people/players started to see what this clique of censors do only to a part of players.

      WM, LWM, and other players that play against them lets deep space our accounts, and leave them play one against another.

      lets deep space this board too, let them cheer each other, all day.
      WOAH hang fire i havent been GO for a long time and wasnt that for long either RL had more important issues than this game also i ahvent played quantum for ages i was just checking this thread and u mention me in it for no reason i dont even know who kamil is so dont be throwing my name in your petty squabbles :angry:

      anyway crazy numbers didnt think id be seeing anything this size for a while longer than this but all sides crazy numbers FR if not already done
    • Sweeney_Todd wrote:

      Awesome hit here!
      It sure is a huge loss to both sides. But kaldor lost was more Crystal and deut, which means all the butthurt unity members in here can talk all they want, this hit was defo worth it.
      And do us a all favor: don't act like you hadn't done the same had you had he chance.

      Anyways, good luck on the rebuild attackers, you sure deserved the revenge you got here and I hope there'll be more of it to come.
      I chuckled quite a bit when I read this part.

      When they(Unity), had the chance to crash the Top1, they did so with 100 billion profit and made the biggest hit in Ogame's history by far. Took down over 800bn in fleet, basically ALL of their fleet and not a draw.

      There was also no wreckfield at the time, but now it exists and all attackers have to consider it when they attack a fleet that's stationed on a planet. Not considering it is a big mistake. The game keeps on changing and people have to adapt to those changes.

      So basically, this hit could've been worth it, the attack War Machine and LWM did on Kaldor was initially worth it to weaken him, however the end results were that they got less than half of the DF and Kaldor got 33% of his lost fleet back for free. So seeing the end results, it wasn't worth it, but we can't blame the attackers because as it was told here, when attacking someone, there are tons of variables to consider.

      AGFS wrote:

      i'm more curious how much dm it takes to spend 300 B ress kaldor and insta build your fleet in 1 day?

      loool, what a game :D

      150bn DF ress from Tirnoch + 33% wreck field (which calculating from Kaldors lost fleet is also around 150bn ress).

      But yeah, I agree that one of the biggest disappointments in this game was the implementation of insta building ships with DM, along with buying resources with DM although this later one is terribly expensive and mostly not worth it but for some rich boys playing ogame, it's heaven!!! :S

      In this day people can ninja attackers by just having enough resources on their planet to insta build a huge enough fleet or defence to counter the attacker's fleet. :lmao How's that for "skillz"?
    • This was worth the fly for pure numbers, insta build DM is massive bs but we all know this, Grimm nice to see my old duet buyer still around, Kaldor always noob,

      and one more thing,
      War Machine, Felon alliance was not defeated most of us decided to quit ogame because of DM insta build and Quantum crossover! I wish I had a rich kids allowance to spend on dark matter! You guys got Kerber, Antics and Slammin but only half my fleet! :vain: :missilelauncher:
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