Dirty little Uni

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    • Dirty little Uni

      I've played in a few uni's over the years But Unity has to be the dirtiest Uni that Iv played , I and others have been banned for no reason , ticket put in and no explanation , Just a cover your ass attitude and deny all ( not that I wouldn't do the same) , then unbanned 5 mins later ,
      Siljo ( a dirty player that met a dirty end )

      Now hanhan ,
      To say that someone with a ban stick was just waiting for that very time to ban him is ....well :headbanging: :headbanging:
      But it happened !!
      I'd also like to say I'm not taking anything away from the attackers
      Well done all , not saying I'm sad to see hanhan down either , ( I don't care )
      But what a dirty little ......well.... Uni , the sooner this uni dies the better for Game-forge

      But for me enough is enough I will come out of vmode crash my disco balls into someone and call this game over for good
      Cya all

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    • I hope you're on some recreational drugs and not some heavy stuff to actually believe that attackers had some part in the ban. It is a well known fact that PAYMENT ban is the only ban that has nothing to do with anyone other than Gameforge's billing department itself, and since that's the ban hanhan got all these conspiracy theories should just die out. Unless you actually believe it's possible that somebody is willing to risk his real life job in GF just so this hit happens?

      Hanhan's fleet should be restored since they removed the ban next day and he had an actual plan in motion to inflict a maximum damage to attackers, but thinking that some of the attackers will get banned in any sort of scenario is straight up silly to say the least.
      Just a boy playing some dotes.
    • What many don't realize is that payment bans only occur due to Credit Card Providers not being able to process or confirm origin of purchase. Also Credit Card Providers have this thing called fraud protection.. Have any of you ever heard of that..?? :hmm: If you haven't you are either obviously a kid or you have no idea what a credit card and its policies are. :kpinch:

      Hanhan may not be such a big spender of dm with that specific credit card, :search: so the moment he purchased a big amount that is out of his normal spending habits that in itself could have been flagged as potential fraud on behalf of his CC Provider until Hanhan himself confirms with them it was actually him who made the purchase then the funds are released to Gameforge.

      However I am not saying this is what happened, :this: but it could more than likely be a possible outcome. Once fraud protection kicked in Hanhan had already received his DM but Gameforge didn't receive their payment thus ban imposed until payment cleared. Just as many other possibilities could have resulted in his ban. I simply can't believe the level of ignorance from players these days.
      :youcrazy: Once again I am not saying this is exactly what happened, but could more than likely have been a possible outcome. As to what really happened, only Hanhan and GameForge Billing Department will know that. ^^

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    • Yes, because a SGO will get removed over a ban set by the gameforge billing department, instead of quitting on his own because of a lack of motivation because of thankless, spoiled little kids that feel their purchase of €500 dm/month means they can pretend GO's are lesser human beings :')
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