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  • i sense negative vibes here

    i guess they are already bored without accounts

    well peppas, in case you didn't know, new uni was started few days ago, it is 30% instead of 40% df ( doesn't mean deep space would be less profitable that way)

    have fun from zero

    to hero :thumbsup:
  • i agree tirnoch that that post was agressive but why do you care?
    find another hobby/online game whatever, you guys quit, why are you defending/arguing/tralalala for nothing.....
    I see no peppa kaldor here quoting and arguing...

    it was fun watching unity and rio in quantum but it was short term, you guys crashed w4r( fair hit, sexy hit, i couldn't believe but then again other people went for him), w4r crashed kaldor( revenge hit, big loss hit for attackers,, attacker really wanted to do it and couldn't care less for profits, you guys calling it crap hit since he could rebuilt in less then 10 hrs(lol) )....

    unity gone, rio left, you can call it rio domination but it doesn't matter, the uni will grow/be active in slow pace (just like before merger) and it won't matter, and it's a sad thing people will forget two accounts like kaldor and tirnoch(with all due respect....deleting accs like those..., i know you don't care you played it for less than a year, only an true idiot would delete those accounts, and it even doesn't matter you deep spaced your growth on those account, it's legall i get it, press report button now) ...

    you won't be missed for sure, and no i am not a rio fanboy, and i don't consider them as enemies, cause i don't really care, i was happy when merger came since it was really active, i was even given an account :thumbsup:

    wish chibo never quit :fatgreengrin:

    tirnob crybaby wrote:

    You're right, I should've sold it like everybody else, huh?

    erm, logically......yes(for selfish reasons maybe....lol )....you could have get some of money back or profit(i would not know since i never payed anything besides one relocation in this game, i don't know the market....)...or you could perma vac, like many players did...
    but no you needed to go all emotional lol.....hahahha

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  • Evil_Eye wrote:

    Tirnoch wrote:

    I can do what I want with my free time.
    and yet here you are filling the boards with crap.enough of you, don't let the door hit you on the way out
    Don+t let your recycled boss wait, It is time to fullfil your Job or purpose of deuterium merchant for WM , So go fullfil your Purpose which will have no purpose what-so-ever hahaha = NO Point of doing anything that you do. :rofl:
  • I'm having a first look at the ogame board since 6 months I think and see unity quiting which is too bad for me. I want to wish the best for the unity members and especially kaldor (we talked a lot almost a year ago). I wish you the best IRL, have nice walks in that beautiful forest near your house ;)
  • I wasn't going to post in this thread after I posted it but I must say... wow!!!

    So much hate... so many lies... so much utter :censored: it's stunning

    Keep it up folks :thumbup:

    p.s. if you want the truth, not the alternate facts being peddled by the players here who (mostly) have ulterior motives, send me a message on the boards and we can chat over skype, discord, or whatever medium works :gamer:

    p.s. (2) I'd post more in here but it'd get censored so not much point in that

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  • Kaldor wrote:

    I wasn't going to post in this thread after I posted it but I must say... wow!!!

    So much hate... so many lies... so much utter :censored: it's stunning

    Keep it up folks :thumbup:

    p.s. if you want the truth, not the alternate facts being peddled by the players here who (mostly) have ulterior motives, send me a message on the boards and we can chat over skype, discord, or whatever medium works :gamer:

    p.s. (2) I'd post more in here but it'd get censored so not much point in that
    Only harsh insults are getting censored, there are plenty of trolling and spam going on here that is staying.

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  • Just because a couple of your friends have gotten spam warning for posting obvious spam doesn't make it fit for the spam section

    Still a shame that even after trying to act normal to them, all they can do is spam, insult and (hypocritically) accuse others... :huh:
  • "Trying to act normal to them" is always how I tried to treat you in knuck chat on Skype. And still you couldn't leave me out of your stupid whining and name calling months after I had given up on arguing with you. So stop being the sweet little hypocrite that you are right now, Arnold. The same goes for Mindwar. All he could do was flame and flame and flame. I've never once seen a decent reply from him. On anything.

    I've talked to Tirnoch on skype and told him what I think about the hit. It's a shame to see these huge accounts go down like this, but as unity has stated those accounts were rightfully theirs, so it's their decision what to do with it. We could argue about how Tirnoch built his fleet (and I'd say I don't approve of a big chunk of it, but no one here cares about my approval) but he built a big part of the fleet he suicided here. Definitely way more than what Kaldor built on Ben's account - Tbh I don't think he added much at all, besides the 4kk HF that he got smacked by WM. Yes, he built big part of that fleet - because he had to rebuild it. With help of the wreck field and a huge chunk of debris that was provided by his alliance, so it's really nothing that Kaldor should claim respect for. So yeah, that's that.
    I have respect however for proangel catching my fleet within minutes of it landing and then crashing it a few months back. Pure luck or good observation, you got me. I heard Arnold refused to fly with you back then cause he still had me on skype. Despite most of the actions you have taken since - thanks for that Arnold.
    It could be mentioned however that WM could've hit me before when he found me sitting and he did everything he could to safe me. Whatever you guys all think of him, he's keeping his naps and he's a real good guy.
    Of course RIO will be going after member of NBT now. It's a shame, but it cannot be prevented. There have been no naps between our alliances despite between a few single players and that's how it is. We all expected that it would take a lot more time to take out Unity and since you kinda took that shared goal from us it's obvious that everyone needs to find new targets. So yeah, NBT always knew we'd be a target once Unity would go down, we just never expected it to be this soon. :D Thanks for that I guess.
    As for the last account here worth mentioning, the Lucifer account, it's almost the same as with the Solidarity account. Firestorm took it over after I think Stalker bought it from Lucifer (or someone lucifer gave the acc to, I don't know). And since then I don't think the fleet has grown at all really. You put maybe 10g res on that acc with a few hits you made and then the WM hit, but that's it. I know you're a decent player, but the way you treated that account just shows you didn't give a rat's ass about quantum or Electra, so you better had given the chance to a player who'd actually have played it.

    If what T4NK said about the stalking is true - and I trust her on that - then whoever is responsible for this should crawl into a hole and never come back here. Wtf is wrong with people like that. Hope you're proud of yourself.

    Oh and one more thing... We know there have been a lot of pushes going on in unity. Of course there have been pushes going on in every alliance in every universe of this godforsaken game. But even if you are going to continue denying it, you still allied yourself with sheep and his 20 multi accounts. The guy who's probably the biggest cheater in this game (or at least on the same level as Miralay). So don't you dare whining about hypocrisy.

    Good luck in real life and don't come back.

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  • Okey first of all I just can't believe how some users can be this dumb AND I feel sorry for them. You are all talking about UNITY ACC , UNITY Cheating? And with no Evidence xD You are just saying EMPTYY WORDS. Look at RIO for this Cheating, Deuterium merchant and come back.
    I'm sorry that the TRUE is Hard for some but RIO OR WM didn't do a Single thing just in the beggining of the MERGE (and they did have TIME OF DOING IT). Just a HOF on some Turtle and that's it! And He was saying Welcome to my Q xD
    Why he didn't do a Single Thing? Well ask Him , Maybe cuuzz Of Lack of Time , But It doesn't matter anymore. Solidarity Crash Him and Prove that he is the Best Player.
    And i know why are people mad? Just the fact that they didn't to anything to any user or player in Unity. HOF that WM got on Kaldor was actually REcycling HIMSELF xD

    RIO did Lose and that's the Fact and True - Look on the Forum if you can't understand, And if you still can't understand well I'M SORRY FOR YOU.

    GL I RL or Continue Guys to play EMPTY Q Universe with No Point Anymore. :rofl:
  • AweSome wrote:

    And i know why are people mad?
    The only person mad over here is you. Making a new board account and posting rubbish...

    Solidarity is the best player bla bla bla... why don't you check the Cygnus board, I crashed him over there, maybe because he lacked time but it doesn't matter anymore, I crashed him and I proved that i'm the best player? Maybe, maybe not, everybody gets hit, it's just part of the game and you have to accept it. So enough of your nonsense... RIO is not based only on WM, they're a team... that's what your small brain can't comprehend... Unity is just filled with a bunch of people with an ego bigger than their accounts.

    Oh and as Langston said, the suicide could've been done better, you guys even failed at that :thumbsup:

    Sweeney_Todd wrote:

    If what T4NK said about the stalking is true - and I trust her on that - then whoever is responsible for this should crawl into a hole and never come back here. Wtf is wrong with people like that. Hope you're proud of yourself.
    Oh it's true Sweeney... I think those posts got deleted because of you know what.... Same way, Elvir aka RinTinuNinu aka Jon Snow stalked my facebook account and posted some of my pictures(after editing it) on board which was removed by mod.

    Cya, last post from me... enjoy and good luck on whatever you guys want to do next.

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

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  • Grinder, you go on about stalking yet I shared a picture of my partner in an electra group chat years ago, years later you sent it back to me in a chat with just me and you. What sort of freak does that? i bet you touched yourself to it didn't you :S

    Grinder you post about cygnus but you are one of the biggest cheaters in that server. i don't understand how you can comment on the drama of unity when your just as bad. i gave you my zagadra turtle ( that you got top ten whacked on cause you're a turd! ) two days after receiving that account you were banned for pushing as you scrapped your account to add to another. i don't understand how you morons think people are so blind.

    As for Kaldor and tirnoch and firestorm, no they never put enough effort into the accounts to call their own. but if they want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and then literally piss on it it's up to them :D

    As for tank, if that did happen I'm sorry to hear that and it should result in a perma ban to the sad person involved.

    sweeney, i like most of your post, it speaks truth :)
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  • I've been biding my time on this, but its interesting to see some of the things people have been saying.

    I had mixed feelings participating in this hit, ultimately however a lot of my friends have just left and they mean more to me than the ships or numbers, so I threw my lot in. I am very sorry to see you all go, it has been a lot of fun, we've done some incredible stuff and crashed the one account we had been aiming at for years. Kaldor is right about the backstory, for a long time it was just me left from our old group in uni 35, I played out of vmode and wasn't crashed by either nirO or War MAchine (more by luck than by virtue of ability) but when Mindwar's account was unbanned we got the band back together and managed to make a splash. I am proud of what we achieved.

    Its funny really, as most will have seen I passed my account to proangel a few weeks ago and was ready to leave, but this has given me some motivation once again, so I will remain.

    To all those commenting about my account being Lucifer's, you're all pretty funny. Apart from Sweeney who has done a lot of respectable building and rebuilding over the years most of the others commenting have no right to talk, players come and go and accounts are passed all the time so a lot of this commentary smacks a little of hypocrisy tbh. When I took this account over it had 0 RIPs (thanks stalker) and since then I have pushed to remake the RIP count almost exclusively, and at the time of the hit I had about 3k. Considering that I have not been very active for the last year I am pretty pleased with that. Equally, if you can point to a single push hit or anything suspect that I have done then please do, otherwise keep your peace. Ironic to be called a big pusher on one hand then to be told I've added nothing on the other lol. At the end of the day this account is my account now, it has been for some time and I don't really care for the commentary on it.

    Try not to take things too seriously, at the end of the day its all just 1's and 0s ;) I have lost some friends but a lot of old adversaries are back now (<3 Abaddon) so no doubt things wont get boring. Careful NBT boys, you're already next on the list it seems :P