TOP 09 - [TOT: 341.402.000] mrrew [BAD] vs. NEN4DJEB1V1 - 80% SPEED RETURN FROM ACS ON MY MOON

  • TOP 09 - [TOT: 341.402.000] mrrew [BAD] vs. NEN4DJEB1V1 - 80% SPEED RETURN FROM ACS ON MY MOON

    Goodbye everybody!

    That should be the ending of this post but it's actually the core of this message. I was planning something else for my goodbye. I wanted to leave this uni in the best way possible but that's definitely much beyond the expectations.

    So guys, grab a beer or any other drink of any kind, sit down around me in a circle and lemme tell you a story.

    The story of today is that there is no story. I'm too busy indeed to write one and I was actually thinking that, after all, I wrote a cool story and those I wanted to tell this story to, they actually took part in it.

    So lemme briefly tell you the dynamics of this attack. I'll save the details for later in the dedications.

    I'm on. Sitting comfy on a colony and checking by time to time. Suddenly after refreshing I see the red alert. Hutching and Off Guard attacking me from quite far away (over 100 ss). I check the reports. Just 1 esp report from NEN. He's gonna join the party later on. I'm sure about it and I'll be waiting for it. I try to look the least suspiscious possible but it was pretty obvious that I was on. I had to check when was NEN joining with enough precision after all. At around 48 mins remaining NEN joins the acs leaving me the 3 options: 100-90-80% speed. I knew his tech coz I had my eyes on him and saved the report ;)
    When a few mins remain they start spying and delaying. Flowless job. They delayed the attack by a few minutes forcing me to make new calculations several time. I have the feeling that they were pretty sure I was on trying to plan on something or just making them waste time so they were playing it the safest way possible. They must have believed that they scored the hit at some point as I literally waited the very last second to fleetsave and the last spy was at less than 10 secs before the hit. That was a real clutch fleetsave.

    Now... NEN has better impulse and hyperspace but he sent SCs in his attack so I'm still 1 min faster if I don't send mine (which is the slowest unit of the fleet composition). I discuss with the others about the speed of his fleet. Apparently I'm the only one who was quite sure he sent at 80%. It's a guessing and mind game after all. Talking to the others didn't really help. They almost convinced me to launch at 90% and then slow down if I changed my min to time it for the 80%. To help my decision there it comes the unexpected.

    MY FLEET IS GONE. Like totally gone. I thought for a moment that they got me. It wasn't coming back from the fleetsave but I actually thought I lagged and that they got me. I check the df. No df. Have they harvested me already? I check the CR. I told the others to spy me. Nothing. I know that happens sometimes but that totally made me panic. I had so much adrenaline coz they forced me to dodge the attack at the very last sec and I was in a hurry coz I knew I had to send the fleet real quick if I wanted to catch the 90% (In case I changed my mind). After 5 mins still nothing. Relogging and refreshing multiple times doesn't help. 100% launch is by far gone. My fleet reappears after spamming F5 repeateadly. 90% is gone as well. Well, I guess I call it destiny. The only option remaining is sending to time his 80%. Timed 1 sec after. I close my laptop and start driving. I notice that internet isn't working on my phone (YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!).
    Some time later I managed to call the group.

    We chill and talk about it.
    Matija must be stoned, yet is taking care of the organisation of the way back cover.
    Shortie was supposed to take care of spying his 100% and 90% speed return but I distract him and he forgets to spy the 100% :D (which was good. That boosted the adrenaline).
    Sweetie desperately tries to convince me to recall multiple times and not to take the risk but she fails hard coz I went totally mental and there was no way I could recall the attack. I dunno what "risk" is. Is it the table game? :D
    Baddy and Shortie cover my bum.
    Anybody else had no special duty but you kept me company in a really critical moment.

    So thank you dudes. It was an amazing experience and you guys are by far the best companions I could expect for this trip.

    NEN these lines are for you
    Now lemme spend a few lines for the defender as he asked me why I did it and I haven't replied him yet.
    Well, I did it for the glory. I did it coz it was a 0 risk hit, I did it coz it's fun, I did it coz it would have been the top 1 solo goodbye hit, I did it because I killed somebody too greedy and risked his fleet by making a really long attack (over 1h 10mins) and even if I haven't recycled anything but 2k of cry, I'm very happy I did it. Again, it was too much fun and much funnier than hitting idle fleets on moons like most of the CRs in this section.
    He also said that he doesn't know why I did it coz he could spend 10€ and instabuild 1000 crus. Wow. Like you didn't even bother to sim the difference by adding 1000 cru. Luckily for you, you didn't do it coz if you did I would have had still 30+m gain and you would have binned 10€.
    What I don't get and would like to ask you is why you left the rest of your fleet on the planet, why you recycled everything and went vmode :) Did you really quit? If you did, that was just lame
    I told Shortie to send his recs way too late coz I was busy and couldn't talk to him. He was there 30 mins after the hit and he would have covered 65% of my losses. Nevermind. I couldn't expect anything else by somebody who replies "I could DM 1000 crus". Guess what boy. You got owned by somebody who spent 0€ on his account ;)


    What's not BAD, is WORSE.

    On 13-02-2017 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker mrrew [BAD]

    Light Fighter 18.547
    Heavy Fighter 200
    Cruiser 4.013
    Battleship 1.286
    Small Cargo 1

    Defender NEN4DJEB1V1

    Small Cargo 2.411
    Large Cargo 105
    Light Fighter 20.837
    Cruiser 1.382
    Battleship 135
    Recycler 502
    Espionage Probe 165
    Battlecruiser 1.408

    After the battle ...

    Attacker mrrew [BAD]

    Light Fighter 2.920 ( -15.627 )
    Heavy Fighter 58 ( -142 )
    Cruiser 2.854 ( -1.159 )
    Battleship 1.245 ( -41 )
    Small Cargo 0 ( -1 )

    Defender NEN4DJEB1V1

    Small Cargo 0 ( -2.411 )
    Large Cargo 0 ( -105 )
    Light Fighter 0 ( -20.837 )
    Cruiser 3 ( -1.379 )
    Battleship 14 ( -121 )
    Recycler 0 ( -502 )
    Espionage Probe 0 ( -165 )
    Battlecruiser 341 ( -1.067 )

    The battle ends in a draw.

    What's not BAD, is WORSE!

    The attacker lost a total of 100.003.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 241.399.000 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 105.389.000 metal and 54.269.500 crystal.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -72.760.000
    Crystal: -24.925.000
    Deuterium: -2.318.000
    The attacker(s) lost a total of 100.003.000 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -138.018.000
    Crystal: -83.614.000
    Deuterium: -19.767.000
    The defender(s) lost a total of 241.399.000 units.

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  • I told you ingame, and ill say it again here:

    It was a pleasure playing against you! its rather unfortunate that you are leaving so early in the uni, and we were unable to be on opposite ends of a CR, but what you accomplished is astonishing considering the 0 DM!. When your fleet comp started building up, and i saw the lack of BC and massive amounts of BS, i knew it was due to DM constraints. Therefore, to get to your rank without DM is awesome! WP and have fun enjoying life without the constraints of this game :beer:

    Nene was planning on quitting anyways, and is known to be a very aggressive player, so maybe he had leftover DM sitting. Since he knew he was dead, maybe he thought "i might as well create the biggest possible debris, and use my DM to recycle and sit as much res as possible on my moon for a screenshot before i quit".

    All in all, a great hit, much skill required, and an even better story! Cheers! :check:
  • Awesome novel written here, :gamer:

    Great sportmanship to go for the glory, i bet you had tons of fun :beer:

    Shamefull def took df, and then says he quit, he could at least reward you for this bold move you made, now that res is sitting on a dead account, and nobody gained, except you will have eternal glory :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:

    Have fun in all you do now, enjoy the real life again.

  • Bad Apple wrote:

    Awesome novel written here, :gamer:

    Great sportmanship to go for the glory, i bet you had tons of fun :beer:

    Shamefull def took df, and then says he quit, he could at least reward you for this bold move you made, now that res is sitting on a dead account, and nobody gained, except you will have eternal glory :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail: :hail:

    Have fun in all you do now, enjoy the real life again.

    Nobody gained? :fatgreengrin:
    Lets see that in a month tops. :Vomit:

    Great hit, great balanced fleet :wink3: and great story :zpopcorn:

    Def, FR GLITR, what ever u decide :this:
  • I have my weed you have your GLORY :hail: :hail:

    What to say i didn't have so much fun in years of this game so i thank you G. for that opurtunity :love: :love:

    So i guess 1 big mouth player less in this uni (everybody celebrating) :bday: :bday:

    I know you will be back with us in few weeks take your time, till then enjoy your party stuff :crazy: :crazy:

    With regards,Pols.