Spreadsheet Tools and Empire Manager

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    • Spreadsheet Tools and Empire Manager

      Greetings, Ogamers.

      It is nearing a year since I started out with this game, and I would not have enjoyed Mining so much if it wasn't for my developing a series of spreadsheets over that time.
      Game Mechanics are interesting; formulas are a freaking nightmare, but I have nailed most of them down to the final digit. :rocketlauncher:

      These are my current finalized projects.

      • Patience v4, Empire Manager
        • (Needs a color redesign)
        • Supports up to 20 planets
        • Supports Officers (Technocrat and Research Event still pending)
        • Dynamic Planet Upgrade Predictions
          • Energy Balance
          • Cumulative Research & Upgrade Costs and Completion Time
          • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
        • Fusion Reactor calculation support (production level variation)

      • StandAlone Calcs
        • Flight Calculator
          • Circular Distance calculations, supports from 1 to infinite galaxies
          • 100% Accurate Flight Time and Deuterium Consumption calculations
            • Supports Fleet Speed variations and Any % Deuterium Consumption
          • Fuel Capacity (take-off)
          • Supports up to 10 individual Fleets and a theoretical infinite amount of planned flights for any and all fleets
        • Moonshot Calculator
        • Research Calculator (Advanced)
          • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
          • Cost and Research Time
        • Cumulative Upgrade Cost Calculator
          • Flexible stand-alone for quick calculations
        • Fleet, Defence Cost & Debris Field Calculator
        • Fusion Reactor Calculator (next to useless)
        • Energy Technology Table (for reference)
          • Displays Fusion Reactor Energy Production
            • Supports Energy Technology from 1 to 30
            • Supports Fusion Reactor and Solar Plant from 1 to 50

      • Planet Evaluator
        • Input Diameter, Min Temp, Position from The Sun (3rd coordinate) and rate your planet based on the slot's full potential
          • Solar Power
          • Cold (Deuterium)
          • Fields
        • View calculated Ratings or see Reference Tables for comparison

      Patience v4, Empire Manager - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…8daL83FQ/edit?usp=sharing

      StandAlone Calcs - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…Us9UpnTA/edit?usp=sharing
      Planet Evaluator - docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…cDCzOkEQ/edit?usp=sharing

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    • I checked Patience v4, Empire Manager,

      it looks pretty cool, i appreciate your hard work on it, lol,

      what i would recommend is to work on the interface design a bit, it needs a simplification, all in one tab is really hard to control,

      it seems the first tab is all a miner would need and it would be nice to break down that to subtabs such as research in a different tab,

      that way you can prepare a vertical layout rather than an infinite going horizontal one,

      borders also would be nice for better tracking of cells,

      all above, still a great effort of you, cheers
    • Thanks for the constructive feedback!

      The interface does need a redesign, especially regarding colors.
      I made version 4 a one-page thing as opposed to version 3, but despite all the work on design it's still a bit much to scroll through.
      Really appreciate your perspective on this :)
      Thanks a lot.