Join The "United Empires of Izar" Alliance

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    • Join The "United Empires of Izar" Alliance

      Join the United Empires of Izar (UEI)!

      Become part of a Union in a divided universe! :stick:

      Become part of something big! :fatgreengrin:

      Our Alliance page will tell you everything!

      (APPLY NOW! :complaingrumble: )

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    • Cash wrote:

      UltraArceus3 wrote:

      Join the Untied Empires of Izar (UEI)!
      First of all write your ally name correctly.Second thing - how do you think to make real this point in your ally page?:
      A Union where you feel safe in this universe.

      1. I wrote this in the middle of the night, so excuse the typo.
      2. Do you mean on second how am I gonna make that possible?
    • No way. Izar is dead. NYSM has players that use a ton of accounts. They have been caught, banned and yet they spend money so they are allowed back in. Izar will never be worth playing as long as the cheaters can get away with murder.

      Cheating accusations and trolling, warned
      How I wish, how I wish you were here.

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