almost hit by suspiscious acs spica

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    • almost hit by suspiscious acs spica

      didn't know where to post this on here but i just escaped a hit that seems suspicious, but i come here to see if it is normal.

      the guy sent large cargoes and cruisers and they were to touchdown in 34 minutes. (he is 7 systems away)

      when the ships got within 6 or so minutes it was still by itself, but after a minute there was another attack coming from the same player but was landing in 4 minutes and contained over 200 battleship..

      I thought you couldn't attach an acs if it was past a certain point.. i mean 28 minutes and he could still add a fleet.

      the other thing i dont understand is it look like two separate fleets and the battlships were going to hit first?... that doesnt make sense to me as i did a fleet speed test and even on level 7 hyperdrive it would have taken 19 minutes. but his was 4?

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    • :rofl:
      u just didnt see what was in that acs. And u can add fleet 15 hours later if u want, u just cant slow it down as much as u like.

      u are right, there is no way that bs would come in 4 minutes :D maybe he call of some part of the acs, so now battleships are hitting first, and u didnt see them before, thats it :whistling:
    • he could have slowed down the cargos and then want with full speed with the other ships so they hit first to wipe everything out this is a 6 speed

      the pic your posted is of 2 fleets not ACS im betting that you didnt see the other attack as you was only thinking about the first one what let the BS move in without you seeing them. Back in the day before they banned it people would attack with 10% recy just to keep the light flashing so you would not know when an attack was coming
    • thanks for responding. so your confirming that those fleets arent in ACS? fleet is 3x

      trust me. i looked at my screen for 30 minute and only one fleet was incoming. he must have done some kind of trick or recy thing as you guys say. of course i can only get the facts from him and he wont tell his secrets

      still kinda weird to see my screen and refresh and then it pops up.. to bad ogame staff doesn't have the power to see "complete" fleet activity