Account Quantum Searching.

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    • Account Quantum Searching.

      Greetings to any of you who may have found this thread.
      I have not been the most active user of the board but I have yet decided to give it a try and test my luck.

      As the title reads I am looking for an account in Quantum. I am not picky when it comes to miner or raider, I am simply happy being noticed. Currently I have an account in there top 600 (miner). However I would truly appreciate if any of you out there deems me worthy of taking control of your account. When it comes to experience I have all it takes. I have played huge accounts before. Just to name a few: 67.000.000 points Raider & a 60.000.000 Miner played from 0 points.. If you have any questions regarding my playstyle or special request (such as sitting, which I am open to).

      Now if you have read till here you might be interested so I thought I my as well put in a little about me.
      I am a man from Denmark. I am married. However, this does not mean I don't have the time to play xD Ogame > IRL :beer:

      Please feel free to contact me.