Changes in the Bansystem

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    • Changes in the Bansystem

      Dear Users,

      because we recently encountered problems with the automatic bansystem, we are switching to a manual one. For you this only means, that you won't get banned right away when you get a warning, but will be banned shortly afterwards, when we manually ban you.
      We needed to make this switch, because when you have been banned once by the system and you get warned or noticed, the system would have banned you again, although it shouldn't do it.

      With the manual system you will face those bans, if you collect to many points:
      50 points - 7 day ban
      100 points - 15 day ban
      150 points - perma ban

      Best Regards,

      PS: 150 points equals 10 trolling warnings, so be careful.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief