CAV [BAC] vs. Usisac [Svinje] (A: 50.000.000, D: 0) = [TOT: 50.000.000]

    • Fleetcrash
    • Moon Destruction

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    • CAV [BAC] vs. Usisac [Svinje] (A: 50.000.000, D: 0) = [TOT: 50.000.000]

      You can not buy skills little noob.

      Moon is down but noobs 5 DS are down....

      Moon quake 05.06.2017 06:53:54
      From: Fleet Command
      A fleet from
      LittleCharm [x:xxx:x] has arrived on the moon of your planet on bjelasnica [x:xxx:xx]. An increasingly strong quake shakes the satellite. The moon begins to deform and finally flies apart into millions of fragments. Suddenly, the enemy fleet disappears from your radar screen. Something went wrong for the attacker.
      Moon destruction chance: 20.12 % DS destruction chance: 45 %

      Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me.