CAV [BAC] vs. Usisac [Svinje] (A: 50.000.000, D: 0) = [TOT: 50.000.000]

    • Fleetcrash
    • Moon Destruction

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    • CAV [BAC] vs. Usisac [Svinje] (A: 50.000.000, D: 0) = [TOT: 50.000.000]

      He can change nick to CAB (BAC), lol. All on that alliance are noobs....

      Farms come to me....

      Moon quake 05.06.2017 06:55:28
      From: Fleet CommandA fleet from

      LittleCharm [x:xxx:x] has arrived on the moon of your planet on fur das grosse Loch [x:xxx:x].
      Small quakes on your moon indicate a failed attack on the moon`s structure. Suddenly, the quakes stop. A gigantic explosion shakes space. The attacking fleet vanishes from the locator screens. Something must have gone wrong.
      Moon destruction chance: 20.12 % DS destruction chance: 45 %

      Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me.