Experienced player, new to .Org, looking for a nice account

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    • Experienced player, new to .Org, looking for a nice account

      Dear fellow players,

      My name is Rob and I am from the Netherlands,
      I've been playing this game for years on Dutch servers, and after being away for a couple off years I returned.
      Currently I am playing the #1 account on the Dutch Ursa server. But due to the lack of players, it's getting pretty boring over there. 187 players at this point, with about 40 active players. Only 10 respectable fleets at this point.
      So I hope you see my point of posting here.

      I am looking for a nice account (eco is more important than fleet, cause i'll build that myself)
      I prefer to play 1 or max 2 fleetspeed, and I like def to debris a lot. I started years ago in Dutch Uni10 (first special uni in holland, 2x speed and Def to Debris)
      High eco speed and or high debris % is always a good thing.
      And as told above, i like it more crowded than 40 active out of 200 playes.

      My first choice af a universe would be "Nusakan", but I would also be very happy with a account in either "Polaris" "Quaoar" "Deimos" or "Unity", except the last one i a bit too old for me I guess..
      Also am I looking for a alliance to play when someone has a acc for me.

      Feel free to look on the Dutch board for CR's, Playername is "Goku", #1 with 25M points and I am currently holding 5/10 Top10 hits.

      I am looking forward to any response, either down here or in PM.

      Greeting to you all