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    • Let's talk about love

      Modern heartbreak

      When everyone is texting you, but the one whose texts you really need

      When everyone is calling you, but the one whose voice you want to hear

      When you can say I love you to everyone, but the one you love,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you wait for the phone to light up, and it doesn’t

      When you check your inbox every 5 minutes, and it’s filled with spam

      When you post something and they don’t like it,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you cry yourself to sleep,

      When you dream about one person only,

      When you wake up alone,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you want, and you can’t have

      When you make a wish, but the candles are still lit

      When you pray, but no one listens,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you can’t offer anything, but yourself,

      When you don’t ask for anything, but their love,

      When you are helpless but need help,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you know it’s wrong, but it feels right,

      When you try not to hurt anyone, but you hurt yourself,

      When it seems that no one cares,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When things change, and it’s not your fault,

      When you love, and you can’t stop,

      When you are ignored, but want to be seen,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you need them, and they don’t need you,

      When you read everything wrong,

      When you are misled,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you are too far to do anything, but want to be close,

      When you pout you lips but you can’t kiss,

      When you want their arms around you, but they can’t reach you,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When they don’t reply,

      When they stop you whenever you want to express your love,

      When they avoid you,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you hate that you love,

      When you hate that you aren’t loved back,

      When you hate yourself for hating,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you are too afraid to ask why,

      When you don’t want to lose them,

      When you become a slave to your own desires,

      You die of a broken heart.

      When you can’t let go,

      When you are sick, but no remedy,

      When you feel like dying,

      You die of a broken heart.

      And I want to live.

      "Let me be clear as I can be: In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It's not cool to not know what you're talking about."
    • love is just an energy frequency combined wirh some morphic field

      love at first sight is possible indeed, its a mixture of energy and so called natural pheromones, most of this stuff happens when youre teeneger so thats why they say its the age when hormones rage

      human body can produce few kind of pheromons, i think adrostenol is for that love on first sight or just sexual attraction(doesnt have scent)

      i noticed on myself that i produce adrostenon, which is so called dominant pheromone, i tend to scare people away or people seem to ask for my permission or opinion so many times(musky smeel with metal taste in mouth, due to many hiit trainings other weight training)

      my point is, if you notice why some people are attracted to you or you tend to look away when direct eye contact( bad habit never ever do that)

      the answer is: pheromons!!!
      and other hormons produced by pituritary gland lth hormons( i think i misspeled lth haha)

      having optimized hormanal structure is key for bussines and social and sex success

      mark my words
    • Love yourself, expect none from others. You will spend your life chasing a ghost otherwise.

      In terms of interpersonal love, it's unconditional love or none. If somebody can not love you flaws and all, then it is a contract. If somebody asks you to change yourself for their sake more-so than your own, it is a contract. You should not have to give up what you love to receive somebody else' love.

      Made that mistake too many times.

      Trouble wrote:

      Sounds like an expert clicker to me :D

      Doc Brown wrote:

      I have read several of your posts elsewhere over a number of years. I find your mental state to be disturbing and you probably need professional help.
      What you write in the spam section doesn't have much impact on the game as a whole ... But I don't like to see you attempting to influence normal players in universe 1.