planet slot number 1.

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    • planet slot number 1.

      hello, i have a question. i made a planet in slot 1. i got the max amount of fields for slot 1! 172 fields. should i keep it? with some terraformers i can get 200 fields.. and its good for graviton technology.

      Diameter: 11.892km (0/172)
      Temperature: 199°C to 239°C
      Position: x:xxx:1

      edit: its also almost max temp. max temp is 240. player.

      as date of 23/12/2012 hi-score

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      univers hydra : 456.589 (Plaats 2 van 868)

      now started playing quantum @
    • I am not sure I understand the need for the question, unless you got the planet by chance.

      If it was deliberate then obviously you keep it as you cannot get better.

      Depending on whether you are a fleeter or miner depends on how you proceed.
      If miner, then do grav and kill it. If Fleeter, do grav and build mines, destroying shipyard and lab as required

      Say 115 fields for mines, 30 filds for solar, 6 for nanite and keep/develop the rest as suits you.
      Maybe terra at a later date.

      Just make a plan and follow it.
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    • considering that tarazed has +31 fields, the maximum you could get for a slot 1 planet is 203 fields (172+31),

      nonetheless 172 fields is already a decent size for this location, but i'd aim for higher..

      what i dont agree with is the usage of a slot 1 planet for gravitation, whether you plan keep the planet after or to destroy it, imo it's more worth to just do it in a slot 4-6 planet that you already have

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    • if you are going for slot 1 and are a miner build up defence up (high) build sats for power no need for solar plants or deut synth (won't make much deut) get a moon build a jump gate, build RIP's (you can ask a friend of this bit) bait the planet lol someone will be like "OooH sats Mmm high defence tho..." someone will attack if the DF is big enough (make sure your friend is a fleeter in the same sys) ask him to Phalanx your planet (when you are offline but see activity on that planet if some attacks and he has the fleet ACS defend you lol (if he can't use something outside of OGame to chat with I use Discord, Skype and lmao FB) to get you to log back in to move res and if you have fleet (RIP's) there, so yeah I guess if you want a metal and crystal planet slot 1 "can be good" if you know how to use it good luck to whatever you do :D
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