New universes "Uriel" will be opening on 20.07.17

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    • New universes "Uriel" will be opening on 20.07.17

      Dear players!

      The new server will be launched on the 20th of July at the usual time.

      This universe will have the following features:

      • Fleet x3

      • Eco x6

      • DF 70%

      • +25 Fields

      • 6 Galaxies

      • 25.000 DM

      We wish you luck in new universe!

      Best regards Team

    • Dear players,

      This new universe will come with special rules :

      Special rules:
      No bashing limit
      No pushing rule for players in the same alliance. Pushing for players not in the same alliance will be punished as usual.
      Multi/ sharing strongly not allowed : Not allowed for players to play under same IP ( a 3 day ban for each breach of the rule) , no sitting allowed.

      The reason for this : alliance member can support a champion in their alliance that can protect or revenge smaller alliance members.

      Discussion for the new universe >> here <<