Kicked members do not get kicked from the alliance

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    • Kicked members do not get kicked from the alliance

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      I am trying to kick some inactive players out of the alliance in SPICA but they not getting removed, it goes through the motions bringing up the reasons box but when i ckick to kick them and it goes bak to the member view there they are still in the alliance.
      this happened once before after the update before this one but got corrected but seems to be back again . this is the first time since this latest update I have tried to kick players

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      What is irony:
      When in a game where you can build planets and moons in faraway galaxies and where you can get attacked by space pirates, you get warned for going off subject on their forum!

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    • Any news on when this bug will be fixed, I still cant kick people from the alliance.
      How are we supposed to properly manage alliances when we cant even prune the chaff, is a fundamental need.
      Instead of adding new features that break existing ones cant it just be made to work as it is and left alone.
    • Ok so it was working for a while now it is broken again for myself and others in my alliance who have the right to kick.
      Have Gamefoge done another maintenance thing on the server.
      Come on guy get this fixed for good please, its a fundamental need of alliances to be able to remove players that they no longer feel should be in the alliance
      Can someone from the coding team please respond with a likely timescale for this being fixed, and once it is can you lease it alone.
      this is just getting pathetic that its the third time this problem has occurred.