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    • Valent wrote:

      I want to see what a well organised alliance can do . Let's see how many champions we'll have and how honorable they will be .
      Lets see what you guys can do and increase the fleet speed up to 4 or 5...then i will play it.

      But seriously ogame staff you know players cant stand people being pushed to the top illegally in this game what on earth makes u think people will play seriously or like the fact u can PUSH LEGALLY.?
    • @Valent: A well organised alliances helps younger players, teaches, encourages, assists in attacks/defends, trades, shares tactics, etc.....having a pushing rule will cause chaos in alliances. For example:
      • Players A, B and C are in an alliance together.
      • They set up a rule to help each other - players B and C will push player A, then player A pulls B and C, etc.
      • Player A decides to leave after being pushed
      I can see this occuring far too often.
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    • CallMeLone wrote:

      NecroFlex wrote:

      Holy cow i like this uni, i can put my 8 ''spare'' PCs to good use, different IPs and such, this is gonna be ez :freakout: :rofl:

      But seriously, the amount of multiaccounting will be insane...
      I always resented your avatar, you one lucky cat...
      I just realized it will merge with Cygnus... You are going to punish me for Cygnusers getting banned so often for push and IP share...

      Damn you captain obvious!!!
      Dis best avatar, trust :P

      The other part got me confused, what merge?
    • What concerns me the most is how they plan on monitoring peoples alliances and which push is actually legit. I mean they obviously already struggle with bought accounts and scrapped fleets let alone very obvious push accounts. How will this be any different? From my experience most GO's act mostly on player reports anyway and why should we, the playerbase, bother when you pretty much legalize it.

      Anyway I hope this rule wont become a thing and eventually translate into other unis. Would be a nail in the coffin for me.

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    • Is it just me or is GF investing into cheaters just so they can make more money? The whole champion idea sounds appealing but it completely counterdicts everything that this game stands for. Cheaters have always been punished but now GF practically encourages it within weak restrictions. I certainly won't be joining and hope many feel the same way. GF should work to protect universes from dying out instead. Obviously this uni will happen, I just hope they make enough money to support a merge in the near future.ncourages it.
    • :censored:
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      What is irony:
      When in a game where you can build planets and moons in faraway galaxies and where you can get attacked by space pirates, you get warned for going off subject on their forum!

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    • Valent wrote:

      Just to make things clear : this special rules was proposed by us not by GF .

      To be more precise , it was my idea. And no, we don't intend to make it a general rule.

      All good, but what will happen when merge question will come? ?(
      I don't want to be merged with players that can make 2x more points in few months than me in 2years.. :headbanging:
    • you guy's talk about merge when the univ hasnt yet began what has come to these forums i dunno,but its like in all comunities,the forums become toxic because all this crying....grow up everyone....goodness sake...learn to take a problem at a time...stop asking questions or speculate things before they even happen or before we know how to answer to them...
      Yeah valent take a break dear,leave ocrap to others for a while.
      And also + 1 Dark Depresion.
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    • Valent, no offence or anything but this is a really stupid idea. Universe will be dead within 2 months.

      All it benefits is the clever one's who mine and purely stick to mining and pray one day for a merge. That's when this idea will screw over any uni it merges with.

      All you've done is propose a DM cash cow uni to gain yourself a little pat on the head from Gameforge.

      Infact, many many times over the years you guys have always told us that it was up to GF what the specs of the new universes would be, can you please explain why now they have given you free reign?
    • @vernal:

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      Fleet x4, Eco x4, DF 50%, Deut 0.5, 6 Galaxies
      Fleet x4, Eco x6, DF 50%, 8Galaxies, 25.000 DM
      Fleet x2, Eco x6, +25 Fields, 25.000 DM
      Fleet x3, Eco x6, Deut 0.7, +25 Fields, 6 Galaxies
      Fleet x6, Eco x6, Deut 0.5, 5 Galaxies, 20.000 DM, System and Galaxies Linear
      Fleet x2, Eco x6, DF 50%, Deut 0.5, +25 Fields, 7 Galaxies, DiDF 30%, 25.000 DM
      Fleet x4, Eco x4, DF 70%, Deut 0.5, +25 Fields, 5 Galaxies, 25.000 DM, System and Galaxies Linear
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    • :censored:
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      What is irony:
      When in a game where you can build planets and moons in faraway galaxies and where you can get attacked by space pirates, you get warned for going off subject on their forum!

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    • Stats the same as Spica but worse. But it will be cheater paradise with whom no uni will want to merge. And Spica will die out a bit faster because people will choose the path of least resistance as always and join the new universe where its also new eco x6, which also happened to be cheater paradise. Also the obvious choice will be merging eco x6 in future together.

      All i can say is Spica players(i didn't say all so don't cry) are in :censored: feeling.

      P.S. Its obvious to already worry that this universe never gets merged with any, because plenty of us like to play the long game for years, not be a standard joiner for new universes and 90% of the most talk active people quits in first half year if not first month.

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