Free ACC for Tarazed rank 311

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The Top10-hits of most of the exodus unis have been merged into the targetunis already.
Currently the Top10-hits of group 4 are pending an answer into which universe section they should get moved, if you have info about those hits, post them in the respective threads.

The CR-Sections of exodus unis will get closed and archived on the 25th.
The CR-Sections of targetunis will get mostly emptied out on the 23rd.
The Main universe section will get closed and archived on the 31st.

  • Free ACC for Tarazed rank 311

    One of my alliance members sadly left this universe recently and gave his acc to the alliance to find another player to stay with us.

    Anyone is welcome to this acc, preferably with a history playing ogame in the past. The only request i have is that as the Acc was given to the alliance, that the player stays in the alliance. It has a nice little fleet to get you going.

    Acc name Thor if you want to look it up.

    Leader of Enlightened
    Tarazed ~Retired
    Wezn ~ Active
    Yildun ~ Retired
    Zibal ~ Active

    What ever you decide to do, make sure it leads you to happy timez. :thumbup: