Offering IPM services

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    • Offering IPM services

      Are you been targeted by an :censored: who likes to bully you because he is much more powerful than you, or has lots of mates who join him in making you life hell??
      Does he have LOTS of defence, but no way you can fight back?
      Fear not, PB's IPM Party service is here, to help all the underdogs. Yes, thats right, ALL i will be asking for is the resources to build the IPM's.
      I will cover the cost of relocation of colony.
      Get in touch with me ingame about Who this galactic bully is, Where and how much Def he has.
      I will calculate how many IPM's will be required, then you and your mates can save up for the cost of IPM's
      Upon delivery of the res for the IPM, your enemy shall be rendered defeceless ;) leaving him susceptible to plundering from MUCH weaker players :)

      ingame name - priest beast
      :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher:

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      T4NK was here
      Top 10's - 8
      Retired - uni's 3,4,8,19,Electra, Japetus
      Current - Uni's 1, Virgo

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