Selling 500.000 met. Buying 375.000 crys. Exchange rates 2:1.5:1.

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    • Enjoy some free home delivery ress :)
      I hope you have fun in this uni ( its mainly dead )
      but then again its more active then other unis lol

      UNI 40 >>> Top 10s >> Many :D
      Uni Mizar >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni Nekkar >>> Top 10s >> 14
      Uni Vega >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni 1 >>>> Top 10s >> 2

      Advanced hits never counted
      HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
      Over All Top 10s >>> 60+

    • Thank you very much @carbon! :thumbup:

      Reading the combat threads I understand quite great battles took place here in Vega.
      Well, two things caught my attention in your comment.
      You mentioned Vega is the more active uni wrt to others, oh then I don't wanna imagine others. Even Vega is... ehm, yes as you put it, "pretty dead"! But I'm very happy with this!!! :thumbsup:
      And as a result of this, a newbie in Vega is very lucky. There are tons of planets whose players are in 'i' and 'I' status. I hope newbies like myself don't think I'm able to mine 1+ mio ress per day. I hunt it dudes. Go out for fishing! Aw, I hope I don't shoot myself in the foot! LOL

      Have a nice play @carbon, thx!

      Deal is closed, thread is good! ;)
    • Welcome to the Uni mate.

      They uni is only dead for the top dogs. most i my allaince still have lots going on.

      My self i lost 3 moons last night with Yan an trying to catch my fleet.

      So its still happening :D
      "If you came to hear me beg. You will be disappointed!"