• Ress-Trade
    • BUYING ALL METAL(2:1) AND DEUTERIUM(2.3:1.3:1)

      Hello everyone!
      Are you tired of sitting on too much metal and not enough crystal? or do you have a Deuterium overload and just want more res to build that mine, or get that next planet, maybe even some more fleet? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER. I am looking for all ogamers who have extra metal and deuterium they want to sell.

      My Rates are as follows-
      For Metal:
      2-1 Metal:Crystal

      For Deuterium:
      2.3-1.3-1 Metal:Crystal:Deuterium

      Rates are subject to change if you are a consistent trader your rate will increase.

      PM me in game for trades ~Downfall~

      I look forward to hearing from you!
      Buying Deuterium and Metal in Polaris! MSG me in game ~ Downfall