Our lovely GOs, SGOs and mr Coma himself with the pillory privacy policy ..

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    • Our lovely GOs, SGOs and mr Coma himself with the pillory privacy policy ..

      I will try to be as much transparent as i can so..lets start! :)

      1. I have been playing this game for 10y + .. a heck looong time and I have seen weird s..stuff both ingame , forums and our famous long gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN > PILLORY ! :)

      So, I even have like few scrshots from back in the good old days in PrOgame when few, several, players were sent to the Blue Land and not just the regular Rio..but after a week, moth , they miraculously were returning :) meh, I didnt care much about it then, hell I care about it now :) but by removing the Pillory and giving a dumb or maybe dumbest reason/answer and I quote:
      ""The Pillories were removed for reasons similar to why you can not discuss play and account bans on the forums. Not only this the pillory really served little purpose other than to provide you with information you do not need. It should not affect your game play. ""
      1. We can discuss play on forums and on hits since, its part of the game..duh!
      2. Little purpose other than letting us know, no, correction, making us sure that the guys we suspected of cheating were caught n stuff.. yup, rly little purpose on how some bans were perma some not so perma and some were 10-15x gotten back from Blue Land even though their ticket was scheduled 2037 ..
      3. It did, still DOES affect the game play, mostly by, well, them cheating and u letting them go, them paying for illegal stuff and u letting them go .. or in simple words, If i were to get banned for using a multi or two..three for my personal gain or for scouting or filling spaces in my system IT DOES affect the others who are either with me or trying to get me.

      *** to sum up, why is there the GO/SGO support for those kind of reports if it wasnt game changing ?

      Our ally mate got banned for something, we dunno what, he cant write to us, I sent an inquiry to the Support Team and mr.D replied to me " it's confidential" ... So how should we, his alliance know what did he do, is he coming back or not if no pillory to check or GO to give a normal answer/reply??? AGAIN... IT DOES AFFECT OUR GAME PLAY if the player is high on military and rank.... DUH.. || :headbanging: :headbanging: :headbanging:

      Edited because of insults plz be more careful next time


      To BE or Not To BE, all screw up sometimes...

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    • you could always try having contact outside of ogame so you can ask it him? Discord & Skype are good options for that...

      also would you really want GO's to just randomly toss around private (yes, since the pillory is now gone everything related to bans is covered under the NDA) information if you got banned?

      would you enjoy it if your doctor, therapist, psychologist, any place that saves your private information just gave it out to anyone if they asked for it?
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    • yes I would enjoy it, a lot! since its not for a random guy and not some big info, If I ask you why is my friend banned, u cant answer " weather is sunny today" .. thats stupid, misguiding and RUDE .. If i have a family member in hospital and I ask, how he is, they will ANSWER me, they wont say no , or in ur words, if I ask ur psych how are you doing, he will prolly say "not bad, ok, improving" he wont say nothing .. there are always way how to give info even at least some info..

      So about our case.. If we cant know why some1 is banned, they can at least say, "he wont be coming anytime soon" , "he is under investigation" , "he is coming back soon" see, some indirect info rather than no info at all . Why is the support then /?

      If I report u for being multi, they will say, it will be taken into account, its being investigated, ty .. thats the same carp I feed my cats with when i dont rly care about their opinions.. and if u get banned, i will again, not know if it was about that or something different hence, the Pillory which they smoothly removed so paying customers cant be seen using their return ticket from Blue Land .. And I again, dont care about others, I know whats happening and I rly dont give 2cents about it, since I am not filling GFs pockets with RL money.. but if its something guild/alliance related, we SHOULD BE ABLE to have some info..

      I am playing another GF game and there too, the Pillory was removed.. guess why? naah, guess ? :) ofc its cus its rly not important and not have an impact of the game.. :whistling: :headbanging: :headbanging: :modo:

      p.s Just to clarify things, I am not accusing any1 of anything :blackeye: :blackeye: I am just stressing out the actual Importance of giving a normal/good/decent answer to a question I bothered to ask via Support system :flexmuscles: :gamer: :complaingrumble:

      To BE or Not To BE, all screw up sometimes...
    • I dont think you will win this argument. German law prohibits many things and holds privacy dearly. I mean how else can they create a whole fecal adult movies industry if they know you could share that information with Brian at the office on Monday :thumbsup:

      you should have organised contact methods outside of the game because lets face it, bans are never wrong and always deserved *OVERLY OBVIOUS WINK*

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    • maybe your friend doesn't want you to know.

      cos like others have said, there are plenty of other ways he could have told you. he could even open up a green noob account to speak to you. its not the player who is banned; it's the account.

      also, if it's only just happened, he might be busy trying to deal with it. give him some time. if you were such good friends, i'm sure he will tell you what happened in due course.

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    • Maybe if you use more colors and underlined words they might take it into consideration. I just dont think you used enough IMO.

      Its hard sometimes to decide if its too much. In this case I think you have enough Razzell, but I just think you fell short on enough Dazzell.

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    • I def agree when I found out the pillory was gone first though I had in my 12 years of playing was there covering up why there unbanning cheaters and other stuff to protect themselves not there laws why this game is going to crap more and more with each update and change why I was away from it the last year only recently returned cause of some old clan mates asking me on skype many times to come back ,but who knows how long that will even last when cheaters get to cheat cause they PAY is bull in what I remember a cheater is a cheater money or not but guess money talks