[TOT: 1.441.295.500] TheWeeknd [GH6] vs. x-men (A: 10.260.000, D: 1.431.035.500)

    • Super Advanced 20%
    • Phalanx Hit
    • Villain wrote:

      Nelson wrote:

      Peshe, i dont remember mentioning your name...

      i'm not investigating nothing vitamin. you know i actually respect you!

      what i cant understand is how you guys can find out the time of recallment without using any script, that's all. you've been trying to MD all my moons for ages, knowing that i have a 4 moons system, same as all my ally mates... i mean, be real guys, without it, you cant track the fleet down.
      Woow Nelson,
      euh you can. I did it in a .NL server(holland).
      when a fleet is on deployment and you cracked his moon. you just press the PLAX butten once every 2-3 sec. You do it with 2 or 3 mates to do it better.

      but need to calcuate 3 things:
      1. at what % he was flying
      2: the take of time
      3. time he has flown

      with those 3 pieces of data you can figure out what the return time is.

      and yes you can do it without scripts.

      (sorry for grammer en spelling im dutch)
      you guys still didnt understand it...

      i know perfectly how it's done, however, it's very hard to do without a auto refresher and a screen recorder.

      i m not saying those are scripts, but what do you call them? you're cheating anyway if you do it...

      well, you can do it without those stuffs for sure, but you have to know a lot about the player you're hitting, when he comes on, his patterns, everything, because you wont be just pressing the lanx refresher for hours. and these boys here, dont know nothing about studying players. all they do is throwing random MD's and hope for the fleet to be there and the opponent doesnt come on while the MD is going. how do i know this? because they failed over 30 MD's on me, and other tons of them on my friends. either they MD the wrong moons, either they find fleets on huge fleetsaves. what does that tells me? they dont watch anybody, neither they know how to
    • vitamin_x wrote:

      We know how to study , you guys just keep slipping our hands and are a little tricky and have some tricks up your sleeve , but the moment you make mistake is all we need to catch you . So stay humble before pride takes you down to humility .
      pride? didnt you read the part i said "i m not untouchable"? you guys are the ones who cant catch me lol