Several Bugs - Bugged Account?

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    • Several Bugs - Bugged Account?

      I also made a ticket about it 2 weeks ago, but no further news so i am posting it here as well:

      Affected accounts/characters: Noumpas

      When does the bug appear?: In my account only (from mobile and pc)

      Detailed description of the problem:

      I think i have a bugged account.
      From the last ogame update i have several issues. I thought these would fix on the next update and that they were temporary, but then i asked my friend if he had the same problems. Then i realized that i was the only one with those issues.
      After the latest update i have:

      1)Extreme lag when browse through ogame menu (every 5-10 seconds it occurs and lags for 10 seconds at least)
      Example: i am at fleet dispatch II, i select my options, i click next, and then it loads for 10 seconds. And its not an internet issue. I have tried this from many different internet connections (pc vdsl, wifi, mobile, mobile data, mobile wifi) still the same lag.
      Also it loads forever if i dont click anything for over 30 min, and i need to re-log into Polaris, and then it works. I didnt have those lagg issues before the update. I cannot lock a fleet now or rely on accurate timing.

      2)I still cannot watch moon destruction / moon formation on my combat reports (even though i have hide pics in combat report unselected)

      3)The desktop mode wont appear on my mobile (while it used to) And it fixes several touch screen issues (you touch "fill tank with crystal" and it selects "fill with deuterium" you select "fill tank with deuterium" and it selects "send fleet") and many more annoying touching mobile layout issues.

      4) My layout is ruined and i don't know why i am the only one that has this problem. I tried different browsers (mozilla, chrome, edge) even on my mobile phone... Still the same layout problem. It used to be gray scaled as the layout around, and the click-boxes had icons. Now they are all just white text. I have some pictures below (the 5th one is how it should be, and my friend sent it to me and said "it works fine to me"):

      5) There is also a bug at mobile version that you cannot see fleet movements on top (the bar loads for ever) while you are browsing messages. This bug occurs there too if i select show mobile version. You cannot see fleet movements if you click messages. (my friend's pic)

      Mobile: samsung galaxy J5 Anroid version: 6.0.1
      Chrome and the default browser of the phone. But mainly Chrome. Both have the same issues.
      No Plugins or Addons (pc and phone)

      Pirate of Kallisto wrote:

      I care what i care...
    • 1) no idea whats the problem there
      2) Yep your account is broken, I have the same issue on one of my testaccs
      3) Mobile view itself works fine for me, did you zoom in or tried to click them without zooming in? To get rid of the mobile view, delete the cookies or add this to your URL once: &isMobile=0
      4) If thats the thing on the screenshots, deactive "Alternative Dropdowns", that option causes the "issue"
      5) Thats known and gets fixed in version 6.5.0

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      OGame-Tech Chief
    • 1) Operator Anakin informed me that this is a known issue
      2) Are they going to fix this in the next update?
      3) Yes it mostly occurs when i zoom in my phone
      4) Thank you it fixed it (but what is the alternative dropdowns there for?)
      5) Good to know thanks

      Pirate of Kallisto wrote:

      I care what i care...