[TOT: 1.404.863.000] Weird Al [F G R] vs. greenmosha [_VA_] & Big Boss [JeB] (A: 1.310.002.000, D: 94.861.000)

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    • Warrior wrote:

      Second of all, I am still oblivious what did my boss do so he was your common enemy? Whoever asks me I tell them, CrazyCF is probably the most laid-back alliance in the entirety of .org. I know he retaliates by IPMs, that's all...
      the answer to that question is YING, maybe if a few of you "laid back" guys told Ying that you understand it's your own fault when you get hit he might stop annoying everybody and making them want to hit you all more,

      go through the other threads while you are here and see the ones where crazycf got hit, they all start with a prologue of people asking ying to stop annoying them
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    • I have no idea nor will I make any comment on wtf you 2 are crying about with all the added PMs etc

      What I will say is it's nice to see alittle mosquito swatted when trying to dabble in the affairs of the oldest uni in .org :gamer:
      Buying Deut, Universe 1 PM me here or ingame, same Name. Thanks!
    • Personally I find both Al and BB decent fleeters, but everyone makes mistakes. Every OGamer in existance has made a mistake (otherwise it's called umm... scripting), whether it was accepting a "wrong" buddy request (happened to numerous ogamers around here), or simply getting drunk and forgetting about your fleet (such as myself). This is a CR section, don't forget that. That being said: this is a solid hit, in terms of numbers at least. But, overall...
      All I've seen here so far is a bit of trashtalk (possible excuses) & shady background story/stories, but nothing a better safety probing couldn't have prevented. I don't know if Al dude didn't have more fleet slots left or he was so confident in his fleet, but if something smells, recalling is the best option.

      Enjoy the profits from DF BB & I wish you a very speedy recovery Al. I'm sure fleeting skills of both players evolved in this drama here will make them grow faster than ever.
      Good luck & no hard feelings, shit happens. I'll stay tuned for part 2, whatever that means... Gentlemen, it's time to move on, wish both of you good luck in future gaming. :)
    • Congratz on the hit Big Boss. Weird Al deserved it for not respecting all the terms agreed upon the start of this. He should have known better. In my eyes everything is clear, you kept your word and thats it.
      Respect and a big thanks.
      Weird Al was a trouble for all our CF alliance so we thank you for taking this step. Maybe this is a start of something new and fresh regarding recent activity you had with our alliance...we will see soon where this goes.

      Cya around.
    • Not a surprise. Some weeks ago BigBoss send me a pm asking me help about hit YING (IPM Strike). I say "Yes" in a political way, some minutes later AL write me about same thing and i say "Yes" same political way. How ever, most of you know me and knows how i play, so at the end i do not help in that Mision Against Ying.
      Its a be weird the way of BigBoss do the things, also AL was inocent in trust in some who never talk in the past.
      Not sure who has the true in his hands, how ever most of the players in Ogame are not honorable and play for the lulz.
      And yes, is a war game, any can be hit from back and die.
      @Al, next time try to do the things alone or with your ally.
      @BigBoss, looks like you win some profit there with 12k of bcs. Z_Z
    • i had a little laugh at this. well if i was in BB shoes i would take care of my friends over a nap with someone from the looks of it had a few weeks of sending oms to each other. like people have said trust no one and its a war game. i would say fr WA but since you joined fgr the same i alliance from way back in uni 7 who i had no problem with untill you join no fr for you. take it as a lesson
      does not matter how many times you quit you always come back to ogame
    • hmm iv taken my time on this one to comment

      myself from one leader to a nuther your actions were shameful end of there was and is no excuse for it

      we had commen targets could of had some fun dishing out what ying gives out to others

      but all aside lets see how this all pans out

      peace all stay safe stay active
      look at that dead bird in the sky :wtf:
    • Weird Al wrote:

      For those of you who do not know, Big Boss and I have been exchanging PM's and combining our forces towards a mutual enemy of ours. We have been teaming together, making plans, and exchanging useful information in the efforts of taking down this mutual enemy who will remain nameless.

      In doing so, we had an agreed upon NAP between us, and I have the PM's to prove it. Then he pulls this stunt and stabs me in the back.

      If going back on your word, lying, and deceiving me is the only way that you can take my fleet, then that is pretty pathetic and shows what kind of person you really are.

      There is nothing fair about this hit, and therefore you do not deserve to be congratulated.

      I will rebuild, and will be seeing you soon.


      Are you sure you know what soon means bro? Come at me ffs
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    • oh man, don't do these things. i thought something big had happened over night.

      you could have just quoted that comment on a recent thread.

      having said that, its good to see some good old fashioned spats going on between players in this universe.

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    • Its funny how times and unis change in ogame but players stay the same no matter which nickname they carry
      Seen this happen countless times in unis i played.
      Im sure Baal had his fair share of views as well :D
      Anyway its funny how this game is still working.

      Baal how many active players are in the uni?
      It sure was fun when there were 5-6k, or 12k at start good old times. Used to give this game a huge part of my daily life, its sad how low it dropped.
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    • @Lelouch of the Rebellion

      nothing will ever live up to Andromeda

      i still miss it, and i don't see why it had to close down. probably to fit in with someone's number plan. someone who probably didn't even play on this server.

      active players in uni 1:

      according to lobby stats, it ranges on a daily basis between 10 and 33.

      i don't really want to discuss this hit, since it happened almost a year ago. but yes, these things do happen from time to time. i'm sure you will remember Nine aka Turnbull. the problem with these type of hits is they don't tend to sit well with players on either side.

      Nine received an overwhelming number of votes for Most Hated Player that year. and although he did the dirty on someone i didn't like, i decided i would never trust to fly with that guy - ever.

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