Zeus pops in...

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    • Zeus pops in...

      Hello :hi: , I'm Zeus and I use to be a Uni 27 player in the alliance Warrior Nation! I wanted to post here and start the long road on getting back into the groove of being a posting machine on forums! :P

      I'm from the United States and 22, currently in college for software development. If any of ya are in the field or want to be, post and say hi! It would be awesome to see some like minded folks, ya know!~

      Also gotta get back into the groove of raiding inactives and trying my will at beating some actual tough opponents, haha. :missilelauncher: :rocketlauncher:

    • Welcome back Zeus^^
      When your last Uni was Uni 27 you pretty much have to learn OGame again, a lot of things have changed. For example we now have the Spacedock which allows you to restore x% of your fleet for free if you get crashed on your planet.

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