[TOT: 15.809.000] SuperMario vs. improve [STAFF] (A: 806.000, D: 15.003.000)

    • Tarazed

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    • [TOT: 15.809.000] SuperMario vs. improve [STAFF] (A: 806.000, D: 15.003.000)

      Posting for SM - I was just following from the sideline, eating popcorn and enjoying the show like a good little miner.

      Usually this wouldn't be posted at all due to its size. However, after several requests and in the light of improve and his alliance's arrogance, saltyness and penchant for posting small hits on their opponents and getting nasty about it, it's going up anyway.

      Display Spoiler
      Birdies tell me the real boom is about to be revealed. That means, improve, mr. bestest of ze universe, that you got hof'ed twice in about 24 hrs, one of which sounds like it may be a top 10.

      On 06-09-2017 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker SuperMario

      Large Cargo 100
      Battleship 826
      Bomber 210
      Destroyer 1.016
      Battlecruiser 1.038


      Defender improve [STAFF]

      Light Fighter 520
      Recycler 132
      Espionage Probe 1
      Solar Satellite 264
      Rocket Launcher 743
      Light Laser 1.557
      Heavy Laser 111
      Gauss Cannon 66
      Ion Cannon 2
      Plasma Turret 14
      Small Shield Dome 1
      Large Shield Dome 1


      After the battle ...

      Attacker SuperMario

      Large Cargo 97 ( -3 )
      Battleship 819 ( -7 )
      Bomber 208 ( -2 )
      Destroyer 1.016 ( -0 )
      Battlecruiser 1.036 ( -2 )


      Defender improve [STAFF]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      1.020.257 Metal, 96.820 Crystal and 393.224 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 806.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 15.003.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 1.855.150 metal and 1.151.700 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 1.510.301 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
      The attacker(s) captured the debris.

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 2.382.407
      Crystal: 995.520
      Deuterium: 333.224
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 3.711.151 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -10.471.757
      Crystal: -4.700.320
      Deuterium: -1.341.224
      The defender(s) lost a total of 16.513.301 units.

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    • se best got hit. Wow
      The epic improve lost something, SM must be a Cheater!
      the best epic Improve vacced today, how does that come hmmmm :D

      UPS im so full of joy i forget to say GZ Mario well done! u showed us allready u have balls of steel :D
      Uni 11: #2
      Uni 15: #1
      Sirius: #1
      Ganimed: #3

      Tarazed: #2
    • Singularity wrote:

      Dude slept in and missed catching his fleet, spy n fly, not much more to be said, prolly good you had pop corn to go with this peanut post :)

      The rest is just chest beating

      Bad luck bro, new alarm clock maybe?
      u dont like chest beating if it isnt from your alliance? Im with u it truely is, but this guy deserves it lik enoone else.
      Dont play with double standards get relaxed and take it like a real man does :)
      Uni 11: #2
      Uni 15: #1
      Sirius: #1
      Ganimed: #3

      Tarazed: #2
    • Dude, you ever see me chest beating???

      Don't judge the individual by the masses

      Hey, everyone gets hit sometime, my ISP went down, he slept in , someone was drunk, it's not an issue, you perhaps should not be so quick to jump to judgement

      FR improve

      EDIT: Oh just in case you missed the reference, the "chest beating" was alluding to a previous post by sif
    • Singularity, you and your 'dudes' have been trampling all over anyone you could get near for a while now, in pretty classless fashion. Elite has taken most of the heat for a while now, but if you want evidence of your double standards, take a look at the size and style of replies and hits posted by your own guys the last few days.

      Karma is only a bitch if you act like a jerk.

      Also, what chest beating was that? As far as I know, Potter and I exchanged courtesies to each other, and congratulated each other on our respective hits. I've gone out of my way t tip my hat at him, because as far as I'm concerned, nothing he did was problematic. The lack of class came with the replies from the rest of your alliance, especially improve. Thus the post above. You cannot expect players to listen t someone go off about how awesome they are and how terrible others are, then not find it just a tad bit satisfying when they go down.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Sif ().

    • You're the one dishing out the accusations. Do you really want me to quote your alliance, and your own, inaccuracies from the last few days? Like pretending Potter's hit was a 'reply', urging me to 'sleep more'? Or how about the sneering in my previous thread by improve and Pols? Or the previous mocking of Elite and Phan members who got hit?

      From the mouths of babes - either you don't know what the phrase means, or you're suggesting I'm inexperienced. I have played the game a little over a decade, how long have you? Who is the one with the baseless accusations now?

      Seriously. Double standard galore.

      If improve wants to be a jerk to people, he can suck it up and take it on the chin when he is the one that falls asleep or get distracted. And when he does it twice in 24 hours, maybe it's time to stop calling people out for less.
    • Envy wrote:

      I think I said this in my previous comment but i'll say it again. improve is a nobody, just a loud mouth who thinks highly of himself but in reality he just has 2/3 players sitting his account clicking overview.

      anyway, nice hit... enjoy the revenge ^^

      Yep improve is nobody, be so bold and reveal your name ingame so he can show you his nobody skills of 3 people clicking overview, damn this is so funny hahaha :headbanging: :headbanging:

      Nice find Mario :biggrin: :biggrin:

      Buddy FR! :borg: :borg:
      With regards,Pols.
    • Sif wrote:

      Karma is only a bitch if you act like a jerk.
      lol, great stuff.

      Envy wrote:

      PolsMols wrote:

      reveal your name ingame
      i don't play this universe, I play cygnus with the same nickname.
      I hope this smoothens things up, oh and he ran away to this universe which neither me or my brother mike cared for, but the claim that he makes is funny, he's not a good player. He's an average player at most.

      last comment from me <3
      Just further confirmation for me that your rocky and posting from numerous accounts just to bash other people lol lets not forget about the envy acct in game too :thumbdown:

      Congrats on your small win and enjoy the profits, Improve won't let it go unpunished :nono
    • envy was noob in cygnus, i was ofc awesome there too :D

      i am awesome on this hit lol........this was just daily production not FS'd, but hey i dont mind this little bashing on me

      today i overlept and got knocked for 307.18Mn. i rec'd 100mil or so, and spacedock means i lost 140mil, they also stole 60mil res, so 200mil loss for me today, they was very lucky also not all my fleet was in one place or they wouldnt have been able to fly. had to vmode because i woke to my boss ringing my phone saying he was outside so no time to FS

      and yeah the 3 people playing my account all overslept today :)

      all the rest of comments, not really that fussed