GKP [ASSASSIN] vs. The Greek [DRUNK] (A: 0, D: 29.700.000)

    • Defense bash

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    • Tyler Durden wrote:

      Closer than I may like to admit publicly? I wasn't even in the same galaxy as the moon he tried to pop :doofylook: Clittle spied my entire fleet there minutes before I fleet saved, that's why he made a move on that location but obviously I moved it? Lol. Alas my fleet remained. I'm under no illusions, I know my place in the scheme of things but I'm happy with it. I should've guessed it was Thunder Child, the only player in your alliance who really shows any animosity towards me 8o I appreciate the message Pirate Andy.
      Oh No! What gave it away?
      Could it have been this in my sig....

      Rigel: Thunder Child [ASSASSIN]
      Rigel: Thunder Child [ASSASSIN]
    • @yearsofsilence, your friend should take it as a compliment instead, losing his fleet would be something to brag or cry about, this is just a collection of silly hits.
      Don't bother, they (asses) can hit you, so they will. That's about all there is to them.
      If you're looking for 'fair play', this is it. Swatting flies not nearly 1/20th of their military size. Rests to say, that any player that would pose any threat to them, is a member of theirs, or paying ridiculous deut prices to stay safe, so it's logical they hit newbies/small targets. Rigel doesn't have much more to offer them.
      = FURY =

    • Seriously ? ..... really ?
      Let me see ... #1.If you made a big hit from any moon, your fleet should not stay on that moon to fs unless it is a locked system and then for only 7 hours. #2. If your fleet is spied and is not in a locked system, then expect to have your moon MD'ed and your fleet recycled.
      That being said, I wish I had a snap shot of the conversation in alliance chat where Tyler called out his fleet getting probed by clittle. I would think that any talk of "I almost had you" nonsense with an md, would be put to rest, as any decent player would have the intelligence to cry out " OH SNAP, I better move it or lose it".
      I was online and informed Tyler in RL of the impending md, if I remember correctly his words, " its only a few cargoes and planet res, im not worried"
      ...best regards, play on :thumbsup:
    • deadmau5 wrote:

      As for posting these attacks, was there any point?

      If you were online and moved the res, why didn't u just ninja the rips with the fleet you have??

      It takes some ~9k Destroyers to counter a 45 Deathstars attack with minimal loss, perhaps the defender doesn't have such fleet or jumpgates.
      Now the defence has shrunk to 85%, in the next wave there will be fewer Deathstars.
      The defender is lucky he still has his moon, he should thank the attacker for that. They can afford a 100% MD mission.