What happened to Solidarity

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    • he was a great fleeter who was once the king of quantum prior to the merge with electra and uni 35. He ACS'd and took out war machine... then gave the account to lynn i believe and she gave it to kaldor which then he suicided the account lol :thumbsup:
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    • i think kaldor was an ok person to play that acc( can't even remember if he did massive push stuff scrap dead space quantum physics non duality we are all one stuff)....
      (apart from trolling he was ok player for that acc)
      still stupid idea unity quit like that

      i mean, for top perspective it sucks to be banned....

      the sad story but euphorie when merge happened was great

      i found umakewalas fleet and sefmasina is still the bosss(triple)

      thats quantum
    • Solidarity was a very well rounded player and fleeter if he moved 2 systems away from your or closer move your fleet he will catch your mistake and make bank on it. in very short order but alas he went on to RL things and ocassionaly pops in but that has been a little while back the last time he popped in on the boards.
      and he had a great deal of respect because he did not abuse the power he had to dredge fuel of of weaker players or bully them into leaving.
      the game. either

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    • In the end he achieved what he wanted to achieve. I think he did not have the time to juggle RL and ogame at the same time.

      As for handing his fleet over, I think it was time for him to leave on his terms. Everyone gets hit eventually, we all have seen how quick a hit happens in this uni. We have arguably the best fleeters in speed universes playing in Q.

      Anyway Happy hunting to you all. Sitting on the bench and cheering you all.
    • Nice thread, and nice to see some of you still around here finding ways to enjoy the game. Prior warning, this post is super cheesy. It's riddled with nostalgia and a good amount of rose tinted nonsense. If you don't like it, consider that you're probably not one of the people it was meant for.

      What happened to me? Well Optimus pretty much hit the nail on the head.

      I loved playing Quantum, it was full of fun time and great people. When the merge was announced the Uni was pretty much dead, and I was excited for the revival. By the time it came around though I was well into my first year of work and time was becoming an issue. Of course I couldn't leave without something to go out with, and flying on the biggest fleet in .org seemed fitting.

      I'd love to say war machine was in my sights for years, and that it was the culmination of decades of planning and so on, but we never expected Quantum to merge with 35 so he was never more than just 'that guy in some other uni with a big fleet'. Crashing that big fleet was a perfect ending to my ogame time, but it was only ever about the big bang. All of that time building my account from the ground up (I'm still just as proud of having Quantum's first SC raid, first HOF, and first ACS HOF - Hi Random, Kos - to my name), it felt fantastic and (more importantly) right to end it with a new Worldwide Top 1.

      Do I regret moving on, now that war has 'rebuilt' and my account went the way of the dodo? Nah. Even if I was somehow able to hit him again, it'd never be as good as that first time. It'd never be that perfect ending I mentioned above. That first time would always be the best.

      Of course, in reality it's far more likely that I'd simply live behind the blue shield, or (if not), that he would have crashed me had I stuck around. Did I mention you don't have much time in Medicine? I'm sorry you don't get your chance at revenge, war, but that blame really lies with the muppets who suicided my fleet. Maybe they'll merge Q with some other giants down the road and you can at least hope to take the Top 1 hit spot again. For now, my admission that I'm sure you would have got me had I continued to play around my increasingly busy life, will have to do.

      Anyway, as for now, well I'm writing this from South East Asia as we finish month 8 of our 9 month tour of the area. Back to work in July, and I actually miss it after taking such a long break. Finally, I proposed to my girlfriend in Hanoi (where we met 3 years ago), so now it's both work and my fiance that will stop me ever coming back to the game!

      So, that's what happened to me. I hope all my old friends are well, and I wish all of you OGamers the best in game and in your real lives. Oh and keep smashing Gonzo, you absolute madman.

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    • Tony Montana wrote:

      Congrats on the proposal Ben, glad to hear it's all going well :) I am slightly pissed you didn't give me just one more public sign of affection, but to hear you're doing well is good enough :)
      Sorry, have we met?


      Take care all!
      There is a hell believe me I've seen it,
      There is a heaven let's keep it a secret.

      Retired :love:

      Top 10s, RIPs Killed, Returns.. Who cares...
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    • Well it's been awhile since I have been near Ogame seems only right it's at the end of Solid's reign still a shame to see his fleet gone for what ever reason, still the only player who managed to crash my fleet when I 1st started playing in Quantum and that wasn't from lack of trying. I see a few changes still trying to figure out if they for the best or not. Oh well see yah in the cr section.
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