WBB 4.1-The past, the present and the future

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    • WBB 4.1-The past, the present and the future

      Dear Users,

      today we mark the day we received the "upgrade" to Woltlab BurningBoard 4.1 one year ago. Since then quite a lot of things changed and will keep changing. First of all two BA's left, we got two new ones of which one later also left.
      At first the board was barely useable because it had loadtime issues every few minutes for a couple of minutes. In the process of "fixing" (minimizing) we deleted the old unsorted archives and structured the universe sections in a new way that causes less serverload. Afterwards we reworked the Userranksystem as it was also broken by the update and didn’t fulfill its purpose anymore. Also the ban system was changed from the old, not really effective one to a now simpler one. Some of you might have noticed that the Mods now move the Top10 hits now when they see them and don’t wait x-amount of days or for a PM from the user to move them to the Top10 section. Please give us feedback about thread moving in the discussion thread.
      The section rules also changed quite a bit, wars now need to be declared in a way that makes them more accessible to everyone, even players that don’t play in that universe and accounttrades are now limited to board/ingame-conversations only to make account-selling harder.

      While we are on the topic of section changes, we are currently playing with the idea of “removing” the “complaints” section and replacing it with a new “Feedback and Criticism” section that is separate from the Bugs section and focused more on general feedback and criticism on the game/board. This would also include giving constructive feedback and not only complaining like it is currently done most of the time.
      Form your feedback we heard that the current way the “Game” section is structured isn’t that appealing as there are too many universes in one section. As many users don’t know how to hide sections (the eye-icon with the / through it in the top right corner of the forum-page) we want to sort the sections differently. They shouldn’t be in one large “Game” section anymore but in three sections that you can expand and collapse like the current “Game” section with the arrow in front of the name. So you then would have around 10 universes at most displayed at once when you hide the two other sections.

      The last point of the upcoming things is how we should handle closed universes. This would be a topic when a merge would come but also now that the eventserver has ended. As you might know we only kept the Top10 of the old universes and deleted everything else as it was all just in one section. For the current universes the things from the universe section itself get archived in one archive and the CR’s don’t get archived at all. As the eventserver didn’t really had any Top10 hits (only 4 total) it also doesn’t have an Top10 section. So the threads from the universe section would be moved to their archive and the CR’s would get deleted. Now the question is how long should such a section stay?
      For the case of merges, whenever they will come, we cleared out the universe sections for a fresh start in the past. This would mean that all the CR’s that are currently posted would get deleted if we do it this way again. For this we want your suggestions on how you would do it.
      For the suggestions and feedback please post in this thread: Feedbackthread - WBB 4.1-The past, the present and the future
      Please be constructive in there and don’t go on and on about the old archive deletion, it has been discussed often enough now.

      Kind regards,
      The OGame.org Board Team

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief