Retirement of a noob

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    • Retirement of a noob

      To be honest, i can only laugh while writing this post coz of all the sh!t i went through with this game :rofl:

      Before i start, my greatest gratitude to everyone in Ogame to have been with me, against me and ....... yeah never with me.

      This game, i started with just a love for science fiction. It was thanks to all of those descriptions. It was those descriptions of the buildings, defenses, researches and the fleets, the Fleet descriptions , those were all that was enough when i found my natural love for ogame <3
      I'll try following up my ogame career with an approximate timeline

      2009 was when i spotted this game while i was a hardcore player from bitefight ( it WAS a really fun game until it become boring in time, honestly there is nothing much to do ).
      2010/2011 was when i joined the Universe 43 as godofcoolkids, at that time, being the new f@g i was, just collecting resources, building stuff up aimlessly, lost many resources and gained many and kept loosing it again -_- . at that time, i had never ever ever heard of the concept of FleetSaving. I had joined an alliance Alpha Assault Force who had been in a war with the alliance F.E who were the top notch fleeters at that time, Snowcrash was one among them. I was too blind to learn anything. After few hundreds of fleet crashing ( mine ROFL ) , i learnt to actually fleetsave basically knowing that the fleet is safe when it is moving. BUT only from planet to planet. After getting another hundreds of crashes, i finally realised my fleet can be spotted flying if someone had a moon and that moon is the only thing that can keep it safe( i know, funny af right? :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ) once i got my moon, i wanted to get it jump gated and just wanted to know how it works. Been there and done that. after that, the only price i ever ever wanted was a deathstar. after countless resource saving, i finally got my graviton tech accomplished , i felt like i've completed a milestone ( too young, tooo dumb to realise eh? ROFL ) a few weeks later i come out with a death star only to gt it crashed. It was at this time i got to know CLITTLE, if i remember right i tried to hit him xgal but got ninja'd . This was just the scenario again and again for countless times UNTILL 2012 came where i had to go to college and stay in a hostel ( not the movie :D ) so i gave up the account . and it did get deleted.

      2014 i realised i could play the game when i was in college as I realized i had loads of spare time. Was shocked to find out that i learnt Resources can be bought if you had DM coz in those days, the only thing you could do with DM is Relocate/buy Officers. Picked the name Jack Sparrow because of know, Jack Sparrow-ishness AND the mutual love for Rum ROFL So i entered back into uni 44 thanks to OriginalThought . THE GLORIOUS 44. Made a couple of hits, gained the highest reputation when i ninja'd DaGirl. Got hell loads of messages around everywhere in the universe congratulating me but honestly it was thanks to DaGirl's luck even though i did not plan it enough -_-. Few among them were Carbon, Bricks, Bfist,Sheena, BigD51, Omega, Bibas, Muddy, X-Raffi, canadaehhhhh, Duke Morton , a really good alliance called THORNS, Raven and his excellence the great BAAL, who were with me in my ogame career ever since. Realized that Assassins were the considered tyrants of the Universe. AND THEN, it all started, the trolling, raging, everything immature i could possibly throw at the Assassins. Used the boards and tried to get into Universe Jupiter only to get owned again a few times xD Here is where i met Rattlesnake . Then into Rigel where i made a few hits but then again, because of my stupid thinking i messed up the account. Vega was where i went to since it was a juicy 70% debris where i met Krypt AKA Sunking and Asto :censored: Vidatu. havent been owned Majorly here but i did manage to make lots of good hits and many mess ups. Wasat, damn one who's name was Mata just got to get on every single nerve of mine when i lost very very VERY big time in Wasat, Twice to be honest. Here i got to know Erebos. Army and Turkey. Back i went to universe 44 after i left all the other universe to concentrate that cold war with the Assassins. GKP, DaGirl AKA RobinHood, Jaugernaut2, Firestorm were the only ones who hit my mind when i try to bring up Assassins. On and off, it was a good heavy, hard routine life in 2015 when all i was doing is just getting drunk/high and playing ogame. 2015, if i remember right was the year when the merges happened. while sitting and laughing in the final moments of Universe 44 when they lost one of their biggest brains, Jaugernaut2 who we joined with to take em down, i got a heavy fleeter account From cyberleader from universe 20 and made a top 10 in its final days with Bfist. Once i got into universe 1, quickly made a good relationship with Rolue thanks to the mutual hate for Assassin's counterpart in universe 1, R-B. Just a considered hate coz RobinhHood-Jr was leading them lol. But nothing personal with them to be honest :) Quickly as i came, got owned by RobinHood-Jr and all hell went down thanks to that. Almost lost the interest to play the game from that moment on because it was both my time of choosing a good career in real life and time of Graduation from college AND looking out for a job. Left Ogame temporarily coz i had moved out of my home city to another place very far away from my house. I've accomplished nothing much from that time around other than concentrate on my job and have sh!itty talks with Carbon and Asto :censored: Vidatu on skype in my office LOL . I've tried coming back into this game in this year but failed miserably.

      In the past, directly or indirectly this game has taught me so much, shown me very good, nice and friendly people and players. I am only thankful to Gameforge to have created and developed such a wonderful game but to have ran it through into mud when they made pay-n-play players a higher hand in EVERYTHING other than skills. But doesnt that sad and dark truth apply to real life as well? Thats when i realized i had to grow more and more hard in career. In the weekdays I go to Work , learning MMA and the extra education i am studying is just plenty full of time consumption for me, so yes that is given a higher preference than ogame. And the weekends, i'd rather spend time with my friends getting drunk and partying rather than staying at home watching for fleets land down and planning ways to take em down LMFAO .

      This game has been there with me since my childhood and i just wanna save this memory for the future when i've again got spare time to use on. Until then, this post will serve as a reminder and a memory of how the duck i used to play and spend time on this game. Memories and Moments, the only part of your past that keeps pushing you to fight and move on. My whole world came crashing down when i saw my best friend from my childhood whom i knew for about 15 years die in-front of my very own eyes. Loads of treasures in the form of memory. That one incident made me realize nothing in this chaotic world is permanent other than the memories, stories you leave behind. Until i return back from the dead busy life, this post will serve as a tombstone. Just LMFAOing every time when i think about this game while i read this post.

      I said it first and i will say it again, My greatest gratitude to all who have put up with me coz seriously have to admit tho, i was the craziest immature f@g to have been put up with. The trouble i caused because of my stupid immature thinking, the way i behaved to my enemies and even my friends, Thanks a lot. I Hope this wont be the last post i will be dedicating this to :P

      Carbon and Asto (thank you for being with me in my ogame career, thought not from the start but you came till the end )
      Asto :censored: Vidatu ( man i love calling you that ROFL ) , Sheena (my sweet lovely kitty, i love all those talks to have had with you , each and every word :) ), Bricks and Bfist [ hell loads we have been through together mate, wish we could meet up to have a cheers and talk about sh!t] , Freedom AKA Spook , OriginalThought(my mentor, thank you for all the tricks you taught me) , BigD51(man, you've not been much with me in fleet but i do enjoy all the good talks with you ), Jaugernaut ( my really good friend who started out as the worst of the worst enemy, Thanks a lot ) , Omega aka Ashley, Skull, Bibas (we've had a very rough run, VERY, but in the end, it all turned out to be a laughable memory ), Firestorm ( odd one out again i guess :P but hey, you were the only assassin other than Jaug to have been friendly with me ), BAAL, Erebos, Kypt aka Sunking, Snowcrash, X-Raffi (dem beers bro, Beers :P ) , ,canadaehhhhh( Bruh ) , Duke Morton, the alliance of THORNS, Mafkies, Dragonfly and many more ( i am sorry if i missed anyone else's name out but i WILL remember it when you just mention your name along with the alliance tag and the universe you saw me in :) )

      AND FINALLY , special dedication to my enemies , To the alliance i rank as the greatest alliance in all of .org even though they have the highest number of haters, The Assassins.
      GKP- Man, i have to hand it out to you, you still survive with all that hate. Just amazing you are.
      DaGirl - Cheers to you/your son to have taken me down to universe, honestly you deserve the glory to its full(although it was easy ROFL )
      To the rest of Assassins, i wish you the best here in ogame

      With that being said, i can only say Three more words , a song dedication along with a pic of me. If you ever come across that face in the future, just do mention the word Ogame, the drink's on me :D :beer: :D

      Take Care Everyone

      Jack Sparrow Signing Out

      :airborn:Once a Fleeter, Always a Fleeter :airborn:
      New No.1: 2( ACS )
      Top 10's 3 ( Solo and ACS )
      My Best ever Hit
      Ninja DaGirl[Assassin]-VS-Jack Sparrow[UFO]

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    • Yeah man Real life always more important than the game
      Best of luck dude in whatever you do ^^
      And thanks for adding @Asto Vidatu and me in chat room ( though i left many times and even asto left ( Ego problem .... lol )
      But you keep adding us
      And we Keep always ending about talk sh*t ......mostly about you lol :D

      UNI 40 >>> Top 10s >> Many :D
      Uni Mizar >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni Nekkar >>> Top 10s >> 14
      Uni Vega >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni 1 >>>> Top 10s >> 2

      Advanced hits never counted
      HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
      Over All Top 10s >>> 60+

    • its been a fun ride man
      hope u enjoy your time off
      and thanks for trying to work it out between @Carbon and me
      but alas..2 noobs like us at the same spot is 1 noob too much :D

      oh and props for remembering all that stuff
      i dont even know in which unis i played anyomore

      'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

      'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

    • Sorry to see you go, but as I've said before, that moment comes to us all eventually.
      You are someone that will be remembered, for different reasons, perhaps, for different people, and I wish you all the best in 'real' life. :)
      Prickly Thorn.....

      Thanks to Morlorv and Blackmass for this sig

      madheadshrinker 18.01.2015 13:49:32
      You actually are insane
    • We always have to remember, no matter what happens, what is said, this is just a game and we’re all real people.

      We’ve argued, we’ve trolled but I wish you all the best with your career and life outside the game.

      Live long and prosper and may you never wonder “why’s the rum gone?”
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      Uni 44 ASSASSIN - HoFs = 362 (inc. 129 Adv. + 19 Sup. Adv. + 1 Top 10 ACS)
      RIPs Killed = 1497

      HoFs Against = 0
    • man/dude/bro

      there where crazy times, crazy people, crazy plans, and a lot of BS and trash talk, especially when you and shubh where in the same chat room :D

      i am still waiting for you to send me what ever you and shubh smoke or eat :D

      i wish you all the best in your journey in this life

      arrggghhhh ;)

      Great King Pat wrote:

      For the record, no such scrap push hits have ever happened in ASSASSIN NOR would they be tolerated as long as i am leader. Everyone over here cares enough about the game to know right from wrong on this issue.

      Uni 1 will be like a prison & Urza will be the big black guy that wants to bum u in da ass. Avoid at all costs. ;)
    • Thanks for the mention and good luck to you in RL! Really enjoyed reading your post. I must say it’s been a long time playing but still seems like only yesterday.
      “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

      GMOD but main sections are Polaris - Yildun, General and the SpamBoard
      My S/MOD is Rav3n so go annoy him if I have angered you!
    • One of the most fitting nicknames in the game - suited you, your style and attitude.
      You will be sorely missed, but all the best in r/l (until O'crack kicks in :rolleyes2: )

      ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~

      U44/Quant/Jup/Betel HOF's = 575~ ~ ~480 Solo [10 Top 10] / 95 ACS [4 x #1 + 11 Top 10]
      ~~ RIP 7007+