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  • Feedback & Criticism Section Rules

    Feedback & Criticism Section Rules

    Welcome to the Feedback & Criticism Section of the board. Here you are able to give constructive Feedback and Criticism about certain aspects of the game/community to an extent.

    Here we have a few extra rules that you MUST know before posting, as this will be a zero tolerance section. Breaking the rules will not be taken lightly. Remember this is a place for constructive criticism, not to just flame decisions made by others/aspects of the game.

    Normal board rules still apply here, so there is to be no flaming, insulting, spamming or trolling staff, Gameforge or other users. This area is for mature feedback and criticism only. There are to be no complaints aimed at specific staff members for conduct ingame, on the boards or on IRC. If you wish to make these, please contact that staff members’ superior to complain.


    This is NOT the place for problems such as “xxx shipyard isn’t working”. That belongs in the bugs section or help and questions. Bugs need to remain bugs, and constructive feedback need to remain constructive feedback.

    Finally, the spam rule is stricter here. There is no need for posts saying “yes, I agree”.We ask that you post a good sentence at least - ten words preferably.

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