Space Dock Thoughts

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    • Space Dock Thoughts

      Thoughts on Space Docks?
      What level do you have on each planet, since they don't take planet fields.. (unless there broken and descriptions wrong)?
      Or do you only have them on some planets but not all like only that you fleet save from?
      Do you build them at all?
      Find them a waste of res?
      Does anyone just have them as high as there energy allows without putting up useless or currently not needed energy?
      Any thing else to add?

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    • Space Dock 7 on every planet. Everything after that is a waste of ress if you don't plan to get crashed frequently.
      I got crashed once because I was testing a new OGame version and closed the wrong tab :| for that the spacedock was great, could save my ressources at that day and didn't need to worry about not having enough cargos to move stuff.

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    • i don't think anyone expect to be crashed but i understand it's kinda like how i have an Alliance Depot level 1 per planet and never used it once yet.. or w/s/a 21/20/20 yet only have some defense and not a huge fleet
      And i currently have lvl 5 on all 13 of my planets, just wasn't sure if going higher was a good idea.. but yet again for being in a 1x speed uni most people would say my research levels/fusions and few other things on my account are higher then needed lol
      and i normally never care about the cost of anything yet even i do have my limits, just wanted and would still like to hear more input on levels of what people use since i don't probe anyone who's active so it's hard to know what some norms are

      oh and does your guys level depend if it's 1x speed or a higher speed uni or just their use in general?

      Best 15$ spent for no one to understand it when i wear it:
    • Back in the days, honestly it was just raw crash, recycling and build more or if you lose, it's just raid, build and then fleet crash and so on. This on the other hand gives you 30% of the fleet crashed up. Which is both a good and bad. Bad in sense, when we lost our fleet once, you will have to rebuild it back up to the top. To be honest, players stayed even though they got crashed very very hard. Stayed, built more and learnt from their blunders. This is like a backup. Even though you get crashed, you'll have some fleet anyways. The thought itself is just lazy-ish if you know what I mean. BUT, on the other hand, it is very very good in the modern era of ogame because players loose hope very easily after losing fleets ( what ever size it is ). The thought of have gotten their fleet crashed would just blow off the motivation to stay and play. So, rather than starting from scratch they got something to use. So yes, it is good for the modern ogame period. Overall, it is a good thing from my perspective :)


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