banned what happens to fleet?

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  • superwolf wrote:

    its really stupid that you can't even log in. It should be like v-mod you can log it talk to ppl etc but collect no res and can't send fleets till timer is up
    Why is it stupid?
    What if your ban was for abusing someone? Should they still be able to login so they can continue the abuse?

    It's a punishment for breaking the rules - just make a note of when the ban finishes, and log back in after.
    Most games exclude from the entire game (for a set period) when someone breaches the rules, otherwise.. it's not that much of a detterant.. is it?

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  • i could see your point if it was for something severe! but this isn't a warning would have been sufficient. my fleets were just returning I came back to FS so I have no idea it I still have them and if I was under attack I had no chance to save them or recover how is that right? I'm not even sure who I got the push ban for I was trading with 2 ppl I gave one what he asked for and the other I had been trying to catch online to facilitate the exchange and we get 3 days to complete. I think not being able to actually play is plenty deterrent for a minor infraction as for most games and how they might ban you from the entire game I can't say this is the first time I have ever been banned from a game I would think there would be some kind of warning b4 a ban
    if I want to look at the dates and amounts exchanged I can't even do that
  • Gameforge provides a service and anyone with a registered account is allowed to use it, however there are rules and T&C that must always be followed, if a player breaks the rules that right to use the service is revoked for a certain period of time, that means being unable to use any of it's services, therefore having the account blocked and unable to login, it is a punishment after all.

    Regardless, you wont be able to get help or answers for your specific case here on the board, I would suggest you contact our support, selecting your universe and explaining the situation, I'm sure the Game Operator for your universe will explain everything regarding your ban.

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    SGO Trainer

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  • Howdy now we cannot discuss bans here on the board. as well . so I am going to close the thread now I wont issue a warning or anything like that but I will ask the O.P. not to post talks about bans on the board again please.

    thank you--Blackmass