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    • Who is who in the Game Team

      Game Operator
      The GOs look after the Universes they are assigned to. They ban accounts, help users with problems and anything else that involves their Universe.

      Super Game Operator
      The SGOs looks after the GOs, and complaints can be sent to them. They are responsible for more than one universe. If you have a problem with a GO, or feel something is out of line with one, please contact their SGO. It is the SGO's job to make sure that their GO's are working to a high standard, and that they are enforcing the rules properly and with neutrality.

      Game Administrator
      The GA is responsible for the Game. They assign new GOs and SGOs.

      Please contact the Game Team via Ticket System.

      Game Admin:
      Master Yoda

      Universe Game Operator Super Game Operator
      Universe 1 Master Puppet Leonhart
      Universe Quantum yangyan Leonhart
      Universe Vega Stratoverus Valent
      Universe Cygnus Runner nk320
      Universe Oberon Stratoverus Leonhart
      Universe Uriel / Valent
      Universe Virgo Mostaris nk320
      Universe Xanthus Runner nk320
      Universe Zibal Master Puppet Leonhart
      Universe Aquarius hadary Valent
      Universe Bellatrix / Valent
      Universe Cosmos yangyan Leonhart
      Universe Dorado Mostaris nk320
      Universe Europa hadary -

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief

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