Interspace Commerce Corporation (Info, Recruitment & Trading)

  • Alliance Introduction

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  • Interspace Commerce Corporation (Info, Recruitment & Trading)

    Welcome to the InCome Corporation trading & recruiting page.

    Interspace Commerce is a Xanthus Universe corporation,
    formed by Russian and English-speaking players: experienced & hungry fleeters,
    as well as peaceful miners that are ready to take an active role in Corporation growth & absorption of the hostile elements.

    IC Corporation's goal is global economical & military dominance, which leads to the complete monopoly of interstellar trading.

    Corporation internals & Recruitment

    Fleeters recruitment: Personal interview is required (skype)
    Rocket People & Peaceful miners: We hire arriable & experienced top150 players.
    Your "salary" is the reliable partnership, defence of your interests and active communication.
    One of the additional requirements for miners is the readiness to have & use the temporary planet
    or rocket base relocations in the late game (No ACS universes are loved by Turtles)

    English and Russian languages are allowed in the Alliance Chat.
    We will accept any person that inspires trust and meets our requirements

    Trading Contracts

    Any IC Corporation Fleeter can always buy your Deuterium ( 1d = 2 met or 1,2 cris )
    We can also buy your Metal ( 1met = 0.55 cris )
    We also offer the Moonshots & another support for tasty rewards.

    Rates for reliable partners & friends will be better.
    So let us play, trade, fight and have fun :gamer:

    - Interspace Commerce Corporation -

    Always hungry

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