Account [Miner/Hybrid] [Experienced] [Active & Competitive] [Ogame Veteran]

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    • Account [Miner/Hybrid] [Experienced] [Active & Competitive] [Ogame Veteran]

      Searching for an account in one of the following Universes:
      Top 200- Quantum.
      Top 100- Wasat, Kallisto, Unity, Oberon, Polaris, Quaoar, Rhea, Spica, Uriel, Virgo, Wezn, or Xanthus.
      Top 50- Betelgeuse, Izar, Tarazed, or Libra.

      I would like to obtain an account in a competitive rank within one of the above universes. I prefer a miner account, but I am very flexible and can work with a hybrid account with a small or medium fleet size. Layout doesn't matter to me if it is a big problem to my game play I will bite my lip and relocate. If you have an account available close to the above ranks just message me with some details and we can see if it would be a good fit.

      I was 14 when started playing in 2007. (A week after Kanye West released "Stronger") I took a few breaks so I would sum my gaming experience somewhere between 8-9 years. I was a fleeter when I started, I had a lot of time to play and enjoyed it. In 2013, I changed my game play and I had to adult and stop fleeting. I've been a miner since then, but occasionally I would build a support fleet and ACS with ally mates to gain a shared profit. I have had several alias in the past that I've been known in-game on German, Italy, UK, US, and France servers. And previously active on .us and orgin boards, but now just active on .org board and (hopefully soon again) in-game as North Star.

      I've always reached top 100 in new universes that I've created accounts in, the few accounts I've obtained had went back to the original owner or the alliance it belonged to when I had to leave the few times I did. I had gave away my own accounts all top 100 (probably a good 20-25 accounts on many different Universes in my time) when I took my breaks. I've been searching the past 2 weeks for an account to play. I went on old alliance group chats, forums, and people I made friends with on here trough facebook. Many aren't around anymore, some banter me about playing again and threaten intervention for my "ocrack addiction" lol, and others just play solo and only have one account and don't socialize to know of any openings.

      I've reviewed each universe on .org and I see many many many....many top 100 accounts with 0 pt averages over a couple months and wish someone would come forward and give their account they no longer wish to play another shot with me. I have no close friends playing anymore so I would even obtain an alliance bound account. I only use dark matter for Merchant, it makes me very flexible and profitable for trading in-game. I know galaxy tool, antigame, and many eco/fleet gaming calcs like the back of my hand. I work well with others, and always help and still remain competitive within my rank.

      Your consideration would be much appreciated. Please send me a message, I've active on the boards so I should reply within an hour or if I am away 4-6 hours.

      Your "retired" Ogame expert,

      North Star

    • Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I have not found an account yet. It has been 2 weeks since my original post for my search and it seems the players of this community have severely-high expectations for an upcoming merge. Which means many don't want to give away their accounts until they determine which universes are being merged. However I'm keeping my hopes up encase someone awesome comes around.

      Spread the word, let your alliance leaders know of a star candidate for the account sitting in the top 100 collecting dust! :)