Dual moon defense - King Boo[b00m] vs Lieutenant Parsec, OldMate, Senator Kuma & RicoJ618[GLoTR] - 15 RIPs down

    • Uriel

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    • Dual moon defense - King Boo[b00m] vs Lieutenant Parsec, OldMate, Senator Kuma & RicoJ618[GLoTR] - 15 RIPs down

      I know i cant be the only one who is always a bit afraid of logging on and noticing one or more moons are missing - Today was no exception.

      This is the 2nd time King Boo attempts to destroy one of my moons.
      The last time i was off for the entire thing, but luckily my moon was stubborn as hell and didn't cave in to the pressure of his 15-16 rips divided into smaller waves.

      Today as always i logged in at least a few hours before my FS was due to return - only to notice flashing red lights and wave after wave of RIP's to destroy 2 of my beloved moons with impact time only being a bit more than 1 hour.

      I quickly shared a SS of it on discord and sent PM's to Rico & Kuma. Both of them came on discord within minutes and started to plot my rescue together with OldMate.

      It took less than 15 mins before they had all sent destroyers out to support me - Which was kinda amazing considering Rico had to pull his fleet and OldMate had no combat ships beforehand and had to send from another galaxy.
      Sadly we missed the first wave of RIP's with less than 1 sec but all in all, i cant imagine this going any better than it did.

      I want give the biggest thanks to OldMate, Kuma & Rico for saving me the pain of going through this alone.
      It makes my heart warm and fuzzy to know that you guys could be there for me so fast.

      To old and new friendships!

      King Boo took everything like a champion and i had a short but nice conversation with him afterwards.
      For once i'm not hoping for a fast rebuild since it will properly mean i get to keep my moons for a bit longer ;)

      I think me and Kuma managed to get all of the debris.

      On 25-01-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker King BOO [b00m]

      Deathstar 2

      Defender Lieutenant Parsec [GLoTR]

      Rocket Launcher 24

      Defender OldMate [GLoTR]

      Small Cargo 333
      Destroyer 333


      After the battle ...

      Attacker King BOO [b00m]


      Defender Lieutenant Parsec [GLoTR]

      Rocket Launcher 20 ( -4 )

      Defender OldMate [GLoTR]

      Small Cargo 309 ( -24 )
      Destroyer 315 ( -18 )


      The defender has won the battle!

      The attacker lost a total of 20.000.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 2.354.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 7.789.600 metal and 6.263.600 crystal.

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      Now i can spend the rest of the day doing my usual thing

      Only 1 CR is allowed per thread. Please create a new thread for each CR. Thanks, Clittle

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    • Sadly i have to take some of the blame here for king boo. He was helping me interview a girl to be our new push account and she was REALLY eager for the job and made us all drool from her webcam feed.

      Ultimately because of ongoing sexual harassment cases we had to decline the __VERY__ eager applicant. If anyone else out there is interested in the position feel free to send in your resumes :)
    • Lol fuuf I said when I went to recall them my tablet was moving slow and I didn't space the rip attacks out far enough so as I was clicking recall 100 times nothing was recalling as the page wasn't done loading. Annoying. But thunder is explaining why I didn't notice activity, I had alarm set to remind me and was too close to time of hit so didn't have time to check activity. But 15 rips is minor league, I'm kinda surprised it was even board worthy but more power to ya. I already rebuilt 20 rips 12 hours later lol
      <<KING BOO>>

      Uriel Top10 active
      Wezn Top25 retired
      Virgo Top50 active
    • great ninjas, but if they keep MDing the moon your fleet is FSing from, you need to change moons, or trade for more, you keep FSing from 1 moon, King BOO will get your moon, him or someone else. Especially since this very post is kind of an advert. Switch up the FS, get more moons, and stay safer.

      Sure its nothing King BOO.

      Also... I do not have a sexuel harrassment case against me.... im sure I can give this girl a job :)
    • I think king's point of view was only that if boom and FU2 posted every hit over 10m this board would get pretty boring. People already ignore my boring top 10 hits lol.

      Defending against a MD is news worthly though and should be on this board....nice to show everyone that boom thought this guy's fleet was worth blowing up a moon for. King was just being selfish because he doesn't want someone else to realize this and blow it up before we bother to try again.
    • I say to my fellow GLoTRs...Gentlemen....please.... when posting in the forum no gloating, no bragging, no boasting and no demeaning comments about n00bs making n00b mistakes. I said there are too many posts like that, I want GLoTR to rise above that kind of immaturity. I say emphasize the fact that this was not about profit, not about making a point, that it was entirely about playing the game and reacting to the situation that we were presented with.

      Like I was saying in discord as we flew to the Defense, remember, King Boo fought his way up to Fleet Rank 9, he is a skilled fleeter with a proven track record in the Hall of Fame, he is no easy beat and we are not in a position to get the debris 1 or 2 seconds behind like we need to be and make no mistake, this was a very well timed attack by King Boo. respect. I got there with no seconds to spare....

      His first 3 RiPs got there and in the split second available to them, was able to send their Gravitron beams to shake up that m00n like they had so many times in the past and like those times in the past, the m00n stood and the rest, as they say, is history......

      Mean while, heading towards the other m00n this Oldmate was running late by a minute due to a "minute" shortage of duet (had to build 2 small cargos and send last 7.000 odd fuel needed to fly a galaxy) which meant that Rico and Kuma had to fend off the first couple of waves which they did with great effect, so much so, that I wasn't really needed, but why recall? Well played, I know how hard and how fast you guys had to scramble, there was no minutes to spare anywhere....

      So close.. so very very close...... This is a game that takes months to build up to a point where it always seems to come down to the split second and connections do lag and webpages do freeze and it all combines in a best case / worst case kind of way that has a cascading effect upon moves made hours before hand.

      GLoTR to everyone involved....
      "We are ALL Targets. . . ALL the Time"


      There is no such thing as too many recyclers ;O)--~
    • again nice ninja wont take long to rebuild as you already have done

      @Big-BonG stop blowing smoke up your own backside thinking your so good . just remember you built a fleet never used and the one time you ever did omfg you lost it all lol.

      like i said previously in this thread your dessies would of been gone if it had of been me as i would of sent a sweeper fleet ahead of the rips just to make sure they were cleared out, making sure the rips popped the moon........big mistake by boo but lesson learnt i bet
    • Hello evilone, my old friend
      I've come to talk with you again
      Because a thread post softly creeping
      Left its seeds while I was sleeping
      And the vision that was planted in my brain
      still remains, I still retain - a love of this game
      and most of all ...Recyclers.....

      In restless dreams I flew alone
      Narrow streets of blood and bone
      'Neath the halo of a drop moon trap
      I turned my collar to the cold death slap
      As my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a top ten fight
      That split the night
      And I saw the timing...
      of my recyclers...

      And in that naked light I saw
      Four BILLION debris, maybe more
      Debris Floating without speaking
      Debris Floating without listening
      FU2 writing songs that other voices will never share
      And look - look over there
      there is LOTS of debris
      in my recyclers...

      Dudes, said I, I hope you know
      bad sportsmanship like a cancer grows
      Hear my words that I might teach you
      Twas over 2 BILLION that we "stole" from you
      But my words, like silent raindrops fall
      And echo in this hall
      of violence.

      And "some" players bowed and prayed
      To the evil dog they'd made
      And a sign flashed out its warning
      In the words that it was forming
      And the sign said,
      "these words are now written
      on a Hall of Flame wall
      OldMate did fill ALL
      of his recyclers.
      "We are ALL Targets. . . ALL the Time"


      There is no such thing as too many recyclers ;O)--~
    • Big-BonG wrote:

      2 BILLION that we "stole" from you
      you seriously smoke so much rubbish ????

      stole from us lmfao , you got lucky you got that , you didnt steal it we actually knew you would take some of the DF , it was planned for.

      all we were bothered about was YOU LOST YOUR FLEET , the game is not about profit all the time but showing poeple where they stand and what A TeAM DO FOR EACH OTHER .

      see you got your res and you love that hue got nothing

      as for telling your alliance not to post stupid comments , look in a mirror. i wxpect more from you after you say things to your alliance
    • Post #15, CR-Section Uriel, Dual moon defense - King Boo[b00m] vs Lieutenant Parsec, OldMate, Senator Kuma & RicoJ618[GLoTR] - 15 RIPs down Advanced 20% Ninja, Trolling/Insult, Warned, Clittle

      Big smile...


      I made mine from the ground up.

      and you are totally, completely and utterly worng about HUE getting nothing.

      and judging by your replies, your pride has got stung BIG TIME.

      Warned for Insult/Trolling
      "We are ALL Targets. . . ALL the Time"


      There is no such thing as too many recyclers ;O)--~

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    • this is funny stuff here, big bong giving it all "i am the best for defending a few rips"

      big bong the disgrace your pilots must have felt while piloting them recs with that 2bil debris.............it was the pilot mates who had died to create it LMAO.

      big bong there is no come back from the fact your fleet got destroyed by a well planned defence and with more skill than you probs have ever done on ogame, so take your head out tha sand and stop gloating at the fact you got some of the debris from the hit that made you lose your whole fleet nubber
    • evilone im not gonna get into it with you buddy, i know thats your game, youre all bark no bite. But you should try to get some hits or something going yourself as you talk such a big game, i stick to looking at the numbers. you have all this fleet but 1.5 mili destoryed and 1.25 mili lost. Use your fleet bud otherwise what are you doing.
      <<KING BOO>>

      Uriel Top10 active
      Wezn Top25 retired
      Virgo Top50 active