[TOT: 1.277.532.000] The Punisher vs. Andrej [KOJ] (A: 179.875.000, D: 1.097.657.000) Revenge Hit

    • Japetus

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    • [TOT: 1.277.532.000] The Punisher vs. Andrej [KOJ] (A: 179.875.000, D: 1.097.657.000) Revenge Hit

      So special dedication to junkman and the dude. This koj alliance hit these guys with ipms on moons defense bash , md-s and so on just for fun 10-15 players, let me tell u guys that i have a list with you all i will take you down one by one i got like 10 mil dark matter on this account. So let's hear the story... i waited for everyone to go offline asked the dude for activities, got on and started to search, i searched like over 15 koj members all moons and planets, didn;t find anything except xyz who gived me 17 mils from a moon. Guess that blondu had this coming after they try to take out my 2 buddies and told everyone to fs.. wise step blondule i like how u think . Andrej we both know that if u kept your fleet in 1 piece this would never happened... but arrogance. I never spied you so far because we had a mutual agreement that agreement ended when all the koj alliance farmed my friends... Be aware koj i am waiting for the fusion i got big players in other universes that are waiting for this , we will eat u alive.

      On 03-02-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker The Punisher

      Destroyer 22.040

      Defender Andrej [KOJ]

      Small Cargo 3.495
      Large Cargo 547
      Cruiser 497
      Espionage Probe 200
      Destroyer 500
      Deathstar 100

      After the battle ...

      Attacker The Punisher

      Destroyer 20.601 ( -1.439 )

      Defender Andrej [KOJ]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      13.734.000 Metal, 13.734.000 Crystal and 13.734.000 Deuterium
      65.111.328 Metal, 26.518.532 Crystal and 11.229.994 Deuterium
      16.277.832 Metal, 6.629.633 Crystal and 2.807.499 Deuterium
      4.069.458 Metal, 1.657.408 Crystal and 701.874 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 179.875.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 1.097.657.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 190.965.600 metal and 153.270.300 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 176.205.558 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      190.965.600 Metal and 153.279.600 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 203.818.218
      Crystal: 129.869.173
      Deuterium: 6.888.367
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 340.575.758 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -649.404.618
      Crystal: -487.490.573
      Deuterium: -136.967.367
      The defender(s) lost a total of 1.273.862.558 units.

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    • punisherr wrote:

      Be aware koj i am waiting for the fusion i got big players in other universes that are waiting for this , we will eat u alive.
      that gotta be one of the edgiest comments ive seen in a while, some ppl take this game way too seriously :crazy:

      let the vmode warrior babble about his nonsense

      fr andrej, its not that big deal :)

      think you can keep up with me?
      Click here for board rules :)
      My team: arMakedon, Handicapparking, Blondu, Marshmello, Mavericks, Hatu

    • [center]Profits from 2018-1-1 to 2018-1-31
      for Andrej [KOJ] Japetus.en

      Number of CR : 2.993
      Metal loots : 1.074.342.210
      Crystal loots : 498.814.222
      Deut loots : 160.758.118

      Harvested Metal : 24.600
      Harvested Crystal : 168.300

      Damages : 19.900.900
      Losses : -153.000

      Profits : 1.727.987.087

      By TopRaider[/center]

      you think you did anything to him?lol....thats just for last month ahahaha :)))
      oh please shut up with your threatening and your lies...you never had an agreement with him for anything but you just wanna trow us off...
      spend that profit wisely grow your fleet so weh nwe will kill your fleet it will be worth the damage and profits we make off of you
      and to explain why we hit your buddy's with ipms and try to blow their moons,it's to show them we can do it without profit too just like they did...so don't worrie we will keep doing that till they start playing like you from vmode
      oh and stop braging with how much dm you got on that account nobody cares....you're not special at all for having dm...we all have it...
      Display Spoiler
      Univ Japetus - On
      Hof's - 162
      Ninja's - 7
      Adv Solo - 69
      Adv Acs - 15
      Rip Kill - 1441
      To 10 Acs - 12
      Top 10 Solo - 8
      New Nr. 1 Hit Acs - 1
      New Nr. 1 Hit Solo - 1
      Univ Betelgeuse.org - On
      Hof's - 36
      Ninja - 6
      Adv Solo - 2
      Adv Acs - 1
      RipKill - 2087
      Top 10 Acs - 1
      Univ40 - Off
      Hof’s – 170
      Adv Solo – 21
      Adv Acs – 11
      Rip Kill – 270
      Top 10 Solo – 1
      Top 10 Acs - 6
      New Nr.1 Hits - 3

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    • ty for the wishes guys i will spend the profit like always reciclying another koj, as for blondu yes i am special i got all the koj alliance attention :)) , if that isn;t special i don;t know what it is , blondu all i see is bla bla bla ,i had an agreement with him ask him, i will end this game with you in my recs (we both know that will happen from the past) after that i am going to destroy this account... nothing personal just that i am tired of noobs like you playing ogame. As for profits on simple they were there but u just dont know. I wanted to blow your moons last night but there was no profit in it but who knows i can afford that just for fun and those jumpgates..
    • Nice hit, Shame its on Andrej though, would have been better on Blondu though :D
      Hey Blondu..... didnt KOJ form for that MERGE u were SO adamant was going to happen...... only 40 active players in this uni now.... so i guess half the active players are KOJ.... how long until u start kicking the weaker players in order to farm them ? ;) Guess i was right :P
      I have popcorn ready for when KOJ start turning on each other :thumbsup:
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