First Order - Alliance

    • Alliance Introduction

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    • First Order - Alliance

      Hi to everyone !

      The First Order Alliance
      is officialy open and recruiting !!!

      All interested players are encouraged to join , experience and rank is not an issue at the present time .
      This is a good chance for new playes to learn from other veterans in the game , to increase there support in the game and have fun at the same time .
      The First Order is looking to start off with a member base of around 15 players , of course depeding on volume of applicants or necessity this number may rise or lower..
      So if you are interested send a message to current de-facto Leader 'OctaviusBlack" or send an application via the alliance page found in the game Game Application button((

      First Order member count : 2/15

      Features and what to expect from the First order :
      1)Friendly atmosphere
      2)Game support and tutoring if needed.
      3)Leadership is decided by members via voting process and leadership has a set term in office also decided by the members .
      4)Support during raids , fleet crashes , rebuilding.
      5)Inside alliance trade for better growing potential .
      6)Alliance based events
      7)And many more ....

      What the First Order expects from you :
      1) That you don't disrespect the alliance.
      2) That you have a friendly attitude within the alliance.
      3) That you help a member of the alliance in need if you have the capacity.
      4) That you respect the internal alliance rules
      5) That you don't conduct yourself in hostile actions against fellow alliance members .

      Thank you and have fun.
      The First Order

      Motto " You will bend the knee"